Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 971

Chapter 971 The Self Entertaining Clown

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Wei Wanwan dug out her mobile and scolded her manager. "How do you do your work?! You actually arranged for me to be in such a secluded place. If you want to boost my reputation, I can just donate money, cant I? Shut up, I dont want to listen to your explanation!"

She hung up the call angrily.

Lin Wanwan shook her head and found that the vice presidents look was extremely ugly.

The vice president gathered the participating artistes and gave each of them a task.

The task Lin Wanwan was assigned to was to be a teacher to the children in the village school.

That simple classroom environment, the skinny children, the big pairs of eyes that were expectant yet fearful

Everything made Lin Wanwan feel sour and bitter.

After sorting out her emotions, she started teaching.

She was humorous, and her laughter was infectious. Very quickly, the group of children felt relaxed.

In the afternoon, Lin Wanwan placed the meal boxes she had prepared the previous night in the hands of each child. Seeing how they looked like they were eating delicacies, she didnt feel good in her heart.

As these childrens homes were far away, school ended earlier in the afternoon and Lin Wanwan was told to leave and head back home.

When she walked out of the classroom, a skinny and dark hand suddenly grabbed her sleeve.

She turned back and met a pair of nervous yet expectant eyes.

"Sister Wanwan, will you return?"

Lin Wanwan squatted and hugged the skinny little girl with pigtails, not despising her one bit. "I will. We havent determined a winner in the skipping rope competition this afternoon. I will definitely be back."

"Ill wait for you!"

"Ill wait for Sister Wanwan as well!"

Lin Wanwan touched their heads one by one, her eyes as gentle as water.

Snap. The photographer took the opportunity to capture this scene.

After saying goodbye to the children, Lin Wanwan saw a man in light gray sportswear carrying a man with only one leg up the mountain roads not too far away.

She couldnt help but ask the photographer next to her, "Who is he?"

"I cant tell you. Hes a veteran in the entertainment circle and isnt participating in this charity event for fame."

Lin Wanwan seemed to be in deep thought.

It was really rare for a big-shot veteran in the entertainment circle to be willing to keep a low profile and do good deeds.

After everyone assembled, the group got into the car one after another.

Lin Wanwan noticed especially that the man in light gray sportswear was seated at the corner. He was wearing sunglasses and a mask, and it was obvious he didnt want to reveal his identity.

Although the car was big, it was still a little crowded for over a dozen people.

Wei Wanwan fanned herself with her hands and looked disgusted. "How smelly. If I had known I had to sit together with a certain shameless thief, I would have gotten my manager to pick me up."

Everyone seated was part of the entertainment circle. Who didnt know that Wei Wanwan had had a conflict with Lin Wanwan recently?

They couldnt afford to offend Wei Wanwan. However, Lin Wanwan had a good reputation in the entertainment circle and was popular.

Wei Wanwan pointed at one but abused another. However, it was as if Lin Wanwan didnt hear them as she closed her eyes to rest.

The others didnt continue the conversation, and Wei Wanwan looked like a self-entertaining clown.

In the end, she could only shut up with hatred.

Silence was restored in the car, but perhaps the atmosphere was still a little awkward. Thus, a female artiste broke the silence.

"The celebrity charity auction that is held once every three years in the Imperial Capital will start in a weeks time. Who in the entertainment circle will receive the invite?"

This auction was different from the charity bazaar in the entertainment circle. Instead, it was a game created by the wealthy from the upper-classes. The invited guests were all leaders in their own fields.