Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 972

Chapter 972 This Face Was Hit

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"Anyway, its impossible for me. In the previous years, all the invitees from the entertainment circle either have strong backgrounds or are celebrities who have been popular for dozens of years. Its too difficult."

"Wanwan, will you be invited?"

Suddenly, someone had asked Wei Wanwan this.

Wei Wanwan was playing with her mobile. Her eyes shone and she nodded casually. "I guess so. After all, I was invited previously."


The others couldnt contain their happiness and leaned toward Wei Wanwan. Their eyes shone.

"Wanwan, can you bring me along to a gathering from the upper circles? The next time around, Ill treat you to a big meal!"

"Wanwan, based on our relationship in the past, if you dont bring me along, Ill be anxious!"


One could tell that Wei Wanwan enjoyed the special treatment of being respected a lot. From the corner of her eye, she glanced at Lin Wanwan, who was looking calm and relaxed, and couldnt help but laugh coldly.

"I cant bring along so many people. Why dont you ask Lin Wanwan? Perhaps she could receive an invite as well."

"Impossible. How can someone be compared to you?"

"Although the names sound familiar, theres still a huge difference between your qualities!"


In order to get the chance to be part of the upper circles, a few Grade B and C celebrities couldnt be bothered if they offended Lin Wanwan. At the same time that they gave flattering words to Wei Wanwan, they kicked Lin Wanwan down low.

Lin Wanwan couldnt wait to find earplugs for her ears. Who had she offended?

Wei Wanwan felt good after being flattered. She looked at Lin Wanwan with disdain and said, "Ok. Ill bring all of you along that day."

A few people immediately said their thanks.

At this moment, a low and deep male voice traveled over from the corner. "Ms. Wei, Im afraid you wont be bringing anyone along."

Everyone immediately followed the voice and looked over.

Wei Wanwan stared at the man wearing a mask and sunglasses unhappily. "Who are you? On what basis can you say that I cant bring anyone along?"

"Because the celebrity charity auction this year didnt invite you nor the Wei family."

The female celebrities, who were still laughing the previous moment, now looked at Wei Wanwan, confused.

Unwilling to take this lying down, Wei Wanwan questioned, "On what basis are you saying this?"

"Because Ive seen the invite list."


There was dead silence.

Lin Wanwan opened her eyes and looked over excitedly. "Senior Ye Yuanting?"

Since Lin Wanwan had exposed his identity, Ye Yuanting could only remove his mask and reveal a not-young but still charming and handsome face.

"Hello, everyone."

The rest were shocked. They were both shocked as to why he would appear here and that he could actually see the invite list to the auction.

Ye Yuanting was a renowned international superstar. His words carried a lot of weight, and no one would suspect him. Even Wei Wanwan didnt dare to do so.

She felt the strange gazes from everyone and her cheeks burned.

"Ms. Wei, forgive me for being rude. I just didnt want them to feel disappointed after having hope. Thatd be too cruel."

When Ye Yuanting said these words, he immediately received the gratitude of those female celebrities. Even Lin Wanwan had on a look of worship.

This face was hit

Very well!

Indeed, he was her idol!

Not only did Ye Yuanting have a high status in the entertainment circle, but the most crucial thing was that he was actually willing to put down the status of a superstar to help a disabled.

It was admirable for him to have such a good reputation in both morals and skills.

The female celebrities who were trying to please Wei Wanwan previously became fangirls and surrounded Ye Yuanting.

Ye Yuanting was easy-going. He gently answered everyones questions.

Lin Wanwan looked at him fixedly and wanted to go over to get a signature or a hug or something.

Only Wei Wanwans face became ugly, and she gritted her teeth.

She must think of a way to get an invite to regain the face that she lost today!