Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 973

Chapter 973 They Are Similarly Wanwan. Why Was There Such A Huge Difference?

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After the activity ended, the association posted a short video on its official Weibo page.

The video was of Lin Wanwan being a teacher to the children in the village school. She was dressed casually and had on pigtails, like a high school student who had just graduated. She smiled sweetly and didnt have any airs when playing with children.

Wei Wanwan and the rest appeared as well, but only for brief moments.

Wan fans were dissatisfied.

Even if Lin Wanwan was the associations ambassador, this differential treatment was too over-the-top!

Wan fans ran to the official Weibo page and demanded for an explanation angrily.

Their aggressive attitude angered the association.

Half an hour later, the association posted another video and added the caption:

"This is the explanation you wanted!"

This video was only of Wei Wanwan participating in the event.

The association had tasked her to accompany some lonely elderly people and chat with them. It could be considered to be the easiest of all tasks.

However, Wei Wanwan, who was wearing a pretty dress, was like a peacock on screen. She was always secretly rolling her eyes and had obvious disdain on her face.

Wei Wanwans manager had deliberately communicated to them previously not to broadcast this. However, the fans were simply too aggressive.

"If Wei Wanwan doesnt want to do good deeds, no one is forcing her. Why must she put on such a disgusting look? She wants her reputation to be good but isnt willing to put down her status. Shes simply a whore who still expects a monument to her chastity."

"Theres no harm without comparison. They are similarly Wanwan. Why was there such a huge difference?"

"What a joke. Indeed, idols have to bear the responsibility for fans actions. If not for those fans kicking up a fuss, we wouldnt have seen her inciting criticism."

Wan fans were speechless and left hurriedly.

Thanks to the fans, Wei Wanwan became "famous."

Although Ball fans had a feeling of exaltation upon fulfillment, they were still modest and polite in the face of praise from passersby.

Lin Wanwan was unaware of everything and was busy clearing her little gold mine.

Her being busy for the past two to three years was exchanged for millions in deposits.

Lin Wanwan thought for a while, then took out 30 million dollars from her account and donated it to the association. She hoped they could use this money to build a school for the village children.

If there was spare cash, they could be used to change the surrounding environment. In this way, the children need not walk on uneven mountain roads after school.

Faced with her generous donation, the association thanked her again and again.

Lin Wanwan rejected the associations suggestion of naming the school after her.

She wanted to be on par with her idols and do good deeds anonymously.

Lin Wanwan couldnt hide her actions from Si Han.

"Ive been quite poor recently. Why dont you donate some money to me?" Si Han teased.

"Donate money for you to sleep with women?"

"As an artiste, you have the responsibility to care about your managers sex life." Si Han didnt deny it.

"With Fu Ya around, how would you be not satisfied with your sex life?"

Upon him hearing Fu Yas name, Si Hans face immediately turned ugly. "Im in a good mood today. Can you not spoil my interest?"

"Sure, Ill shut up."

Both of them talked for a while. Si Han suddenly recalled something. "Are you free in the evening four days from now?"

"You want me to be your female partner to attend that celebrity charity auction?"

"You know about it?"

"Sister Zhiyi and Lu Zhanbei seemed to be going. They wanted to ask me to be their partner but I rejected them heartlessly." Lin Wanwan smiled in satisfaction.

"Youre not planning to go?"

"No. I have some personal matters to attend to these next few days and am not free. Furthermore, its not nice to attend based on relationships."

"Ok, then." Si Han decided not to go as well.

Lin Wanwan had just ended her conversation with Si Han when Lu Zhanbei pushed open the door and entered. "What personal matters do you have on these next few days?"

"Its a secret."