Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 974

Chapter 974 Even You Can Seek Connections. Why Cant I?

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Seeing that she looked mysterious, Lu Zhanbei didnt ask anything further and lay on the bed.

At this moment, the mobile in Lin Wanwans hand rang again.

She looked at the caller ID and picked up the call with shock.

"Chairman Nie, is anything the matter?"

The caller was the chairman of the charity association. "Ms. Lin, the celebrity charity auction this year sent an invite to the association. I would like to invite you to represent us. This is a rare opportunity. Treat it as a reward for your philanthropic contributions."

Lin Wanwan held her forehead.

What was it with her and this auction recently?

"Ill thank the association and Chairman Nie, then."

Although Lin Wanwan didnt like to attend those high-profile occasions, it would seem unwise if she rejected it.

After hanging up the call, Lin Wanwan sighed. Lu Zhanbei raised his eyebrow at her troubled look. "Youre so resistant to take a look?"

Lin Wanwan looked bitter. "Im not resistant. Its because Im poor."

She had donated 30 million dollars and bought two properties as investments. She was poor and worthless now. If she attended it, it would just be a formality. She might as well not attend.

Lu Zhanbei laughed and directly hinted at her, "As long as you service me well, I guarantee you wont be poor."

Lin Wanwan rolled her eyes at him and got off the bed. "Ill head outside for a while."

Lu Zhanbei looked at her back view and seemed to be deep in thought.

The days went past very quickly. On the day of the auction, Lin Wanwan didnt go with Lu Zhanbei. Instead, she drove her car by herself.

The venue was a private manor. Under the illumination, it looked palatial. Lin Wanwans BMW was parked among a few limited edition luxury cars and seemed out of place.

The security personnel checked her invite and gestured a "please" with his hand.

Lin Wanwan entered slowly. The manor was similarly luxuriously decorated, and every accessory was valuable.

"Miss, the main hall is in front."

"Thank you."

Lin Wanwan was about to step in when she saw two familiar faces among the dozens of people.

"Second Sister?"

Lin Wanxin, who was seated on the third row, looked shocked. Then, she walked over with a welcoming smile.

Her greeting attracted others attention. Of note, when that Wei Wanwan, who was looking left and right, saw Lin Wanwan, her face turned ugly immediately. She walked over with her high heels.

"Second Sister, what are you doing here?"

"The charity association sent me here."

Lin Wanxin nodded. She didnt get the chance to speak more because Wei Wanwan said in a sharp voice, "Lin Wanwan, I really admire your shamelessness. First, you stepped on others successes. Then, you gained popularity by modeling. Now, you can even seek connections to attend such a high-end gathering."

Lin Wanwan didnt get annoyed. "Even you can seek connections. Why cant I? Furthermore, I entered through an invite. Its much stronger than Ms. Wei, whos just an accessory."

Since Ye Yuanting said that Wei Wanwan didnt receive any invite, this meant that shed entered via connections.

In terms of talking skills, ten Wei Wanwans wouldnt be Lin Wanwans match.

Lin Wanxin smiled and changed the topic. "Second Sister, where are you seated?"

"The last row."

"What a pity. Im seated in the third row and cant sit together with you."

Lin Wanxin had just finished speaking when Wei Wanwan laughed coldly. "See that private room on the second floor? Thats where all the real big shots are. The further behind you are in the hall, the more lowly your status is. Lin Wanwan, even if you managed to enter, you are still not presentable!"