Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 975

Chapter 975 A Jaw Dropping Invitation

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Lin Wanwan smiled playfully.

Although Wei Wanwan was also picking on her previously, shed still left some adequate leeway. This time, it seemed that she was determined to fall out with her.

However, she could understand it.

Xing Junhuans confession got Wei Wanwan labeled as someone who reads too much into things. At the charity event, her performance had caused her reputation to become worse.

For now, once the media compared both Wanwans, all the netizens supported Lin Wanwan.

"Then, may I ask the distinguished Ms. Wei where you are seated?"

"My cousins in private room number six upstairs. Of course, Ill stay with her."

As Wei Wanwans arrogant words landed, a uniformed personnel with a bow-tie walked over.

"Ms. Wei, Ms. Feng from room six asked me to tell you that she doesnt have enough space there and got me to arrange for you to sit in the first row in the main hall."

"" Wei Wanwan was stunned.

Lin Wanwan nearly laughed out loud. Why did Wei Wanwan always love to hit herself in the face?

This was the consequence of keeping a high profile.

Wei Wanwans face turned bluish-white; it was extremely exciting.

She glared at Lin Wanwan with hatred. "You have nothing to gloat about. Even if I cant enter the room, Im still stronger than you, a low-quality good whos seated at the last row!"

At this moment, another staff personnel walked over and sized the three of them up. "Which one of you is Ms. Lin Wanwan?"

"I am."

"A Mister from room three has invited you up."

Another staff personnel walked over and similarly gestured a "please."

"Ms. Lin Wanwan, Ms. Shen from room five has invited you over."

The third staff personnel arrived late.

"Ms. Lin Wanwan, a Mister from room one has invited you over."

The invitations to private rooms that came one after another shocked Wei Wanwan, who was talking wildly previously. Even the guests who were seated in the main hall looked at Lin Wanwan incredulously.

Lin Wanwan was speechless.

If she guessed correctly, the three who invited her were

Lu Zhanbei, Shen Zhiyi, and God of Plague Tang.

At this moment, the fourth staff personnel appeared.

Immediately, everyones gaze landed on his face.

He was a little embarrassed and said weakly, "Ah I represent the Mister from room eight to invite Ms. Lin Wanwan."

"" Everyones jaw dropped.

The guests in the private rooms were extraordinary people. One could forget it if one of them had invited Lin Wanwan. However, there were four people at once!

However, they were curious. Who would Lin Wanwan choose?

After thinking for a while, Lin Wanwan provided an answer. "Bring me to Ms. Shens room."

It was still safer to be with Sister Zhiyi.

"This way, please."

Lin Wanwan walked away chicly. Wei Wanwan, who stood at the original spot, had such a dark look that she looked like shed been splashed with ink. With the strange gazes from all directions, she could not wait to find a hole to drill into.

Lin Wanxin laughed lowly and returned to her seat.

Under the staff personnels lead, Lin Wanwan pushed open the door to room five. She immediately saw Shen Zhiyi, who was lying on the beauty couch and throwing grapes into her mouth with a smile.

"I knew you would choose me. Wanwan, I havent seen you in a while. Give me a hug."

Lin Wanwan selected a chair and sat down. She asked in a low voice, "Sister Zhiyi, is Feng Xiaowei in room six?"


Previously, when the staff personnel addressed her as Ms. Feng, Lin Wanwan had already secretly guessed it.

"Whats her relationship with Wei Wanwan?"

"Their mothers are sisters."


At this moment, the room door was pushed open.