Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 976

Chapter 976 Her Self Esteem Pride Were All Stepped On

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Shen Zhiyi looked up. "Oh, what a rare guest. Mr. Lu is in room one, the one with the best treatment. What are you here for? Although I really want to make a cuckold out of you, unfortunately, I dont have the hardware."

Tang Chen, who followed behind Lu Zhanbei, laughed evilly. "I can lend it to you."

"Ok." Shen Zhiyi dug out a sharp scalpel and flicked the blade with her hand. "Are we doing the transplant now?"

Tang Chen gave a tsk. "Indeed, a womans heart is the most vicious."

If two parties fight, a third party will benefit.

Taking advantage of the quarrel between the two, Lu Zhanbei hugged Lin Wanwan and sat down. His slender finger pinched a crystal grape.

"Open your mouth."

Lin Wanwan wolfed it down with one bite. Then, she also fed one to Lu Zhanbei.

Shen Zhiyi was jealous of the two, who were acting lovey-dovey as if no one else was around. Of course, she was jealous of Lu Zhanbei.

The smile on Tang Chens face faded a little.

Lin Wanwan was a little embarrassed about them looking at her. She coughed and changed the topic forcibly. "I think both of you are quite compatible. Why dont you become a couple?"

Shen Zhiyi was shocked. "Im not gay!"

Tang Chen: "Heh."

Knock, knock, knock. Someone knocked on the room door.

"Whos so polite, knowing how to knock on the door before entering? Come in."

Shen Zhiyi was deliberately criticizing the behavior of someone whod pushed open the door and entered directly.

Feng Xiaowei wore a modified European-style long skirt. Her hair was tied up elegantly, and she looked generous. However, her expression was a little cold.

"Ms. Lin, I apologize for Wei Wanwans collision with you. I hope you can forgive her."

You cant hit a smiling person.

"We didnt have a collision." Wei Wanwan lifted her hand but hit her own face. How was this a collision?

"Thank you, Ms. Lin, for your generosity."

Feng Xiaoweis expression was colder and more distant than before. She seemed to have given up on Lu Zhanbei. Ever since shed stepped in, she didnt look at him at all.

"Ill get going first."

When Feng Xiaowei was about to leave the room, Shen Zhiyi suddenly called her.

"I heard you have resigned from Global?"


The second day Feng Xiaowei was bitten by Tianba, she had handed in her resignation letter. Lu Zhanbei had agreed as well.

"Why? You and Lu Zhanbei have been partners for years. What a pity for you to split ways." Shen Zhiyi sighed hypocritically.

Upon hearing this, Feng Xiaowei couldnt help but think of the image where she was humiliated by a dog.

Her self-esteem, pride were all stepped on!

Even she didnt know how much effort it took to endure such a big humiliation and act calm in front of Lu Zhanbei and Lin Wanwan.

"Its nothing. Its just that Mr. Lu didnt cherish me as a working partner. He even condoned Ms. Lins pet humiliating me. Mr. Lu is no longer the CEO Lu of the past."

What she meant was that Lu Zhanbei had turned into a man who couldnt differentiate right from wrong for Lin Wanwan.

Lu Zhanbeis eyelids jumped. He half-laughed.

Lin Wanwan pinched his hand and signaled him not to talk.

It was best for men not to get involved in a battle between women.

Lin Wanwan knew about the incident where Tianba had bitten Feng Xiaowei. She was initially still feeling apologetic in her heart.

She was about to say something when Shen Zhiyi snatched the initiative.

"I have heard of this incident as well. However, Feng Xiaowei, if you had tightened your legs a little more and not pounced on Lu Zhanbei whenever you see him, many people wouldnt have known that you liked to wear lacy underwear."

Shen Zhiyis words were more ruthless than any humiliation or sarcasm.