Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 977

Chapter 977 Go Pikachu

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Most of the blood on Feng Xiaoweis face faded. She was as calm as before, but her body started to tremble and she stared fixedly at Shen Zhiyi with hatred.

Shen Zhiyi had on a look of innocence. "What are you looking at me for? Its not embarrassing to wear lacy underwear. I wear it occasionally as well."


In the end, Feng Xiaowei clenched her fists and walked away without looking back.

Tang Chen applauded. "Ms. Shen is definitely worthy of the title the most vicious tomboy.’"

After this episode, the auction started.

The front of the room was decorated with a special glass material. The people outside couldnt see inside, but the people inside could see what was outside clearly.

As the curtain opened, a man in a tuxedo held a microphone in one hand and an exquisite sandalwood box in the other.

"Same rules. The bidding for every auctioned item today will start from the original price. The extra money will be fully donated to the Red Cross."

The host briefly introduced the rules and took out the first item to be auctioned.

The starting price for a jade Buddha made from "mutton fat" jade was 10 million dollars.

Someone immediately held a sign and obtained it at the price of 15 million dollars.

The second item was an ancient jade, and the third was a set of emerald jewelry. Although they were not made from emerald green imperial jade, they were exquisite in their craftsmanship.

The auctioned items attracted everyone in the room. After all, these were rare and good items. If not for the person in charge of the auction wanting to raise funds, they would have been sold at their original prices.

No one from the rooms on the second floor had auctioned for anything yet.

Lin Wanwan yawned out of boredom and swept her gaze over the three. "You dont have anything to buy?"

Shen Zhiyi held her chin with one hand. "I have so much of these garbage at home."

"" It was shameless to boast about wealth!

Shen Zhiyi could sense Lin Wanwans jealous stare and couldnt help but roll her eyes.

"Regardless of how wealthy I am, I cant compare with your man. If you want money, ask him. As long as hes willing to throw a bit from the gaps between his fingers, you will have money to spend for your entire lifetime."

"Even if I ask it from him, he wouldnt give it to me."

Lu Zhanbei said, "When you become Madam Lu, whats mine will be yours."

"I dont care for it."

At this time, the hosts voice sounded again.

"The 18th item is a set of weasel-hair brushes. Theyre suitable for people who love calligraphy. The starting price is two million dollars."

Upon hearing this, everyone in the room lost interest.

Lin Wanwan yanked the golden bell hanging in the corner of the room.

Ding dong. This was the sign of a bid being placed.

Shen Zhiyi raised her eyebrow. "You want this weasel-hair brush?"

"My grandpa likes calligraphy. I want to buy this for him."

Coincidentally, she had a few million dollars in her card. It should be enough.

"Two million, going once!"

"Two million, going twice!"

Although this set of weasel-hair brushes was expensive, it was too outdated. Coupled with the fact that Lin Wanwan had been invited by several distinguished guests in the room previously, the people sitting in the hall dared not to compete with her.

Wei Wanwan wanted to raise the sign. However, she was afraid that by doing so, she would offend people she couldnt afford to offend. Thus, she struggled a little.

"Two million, going thr"

Ding dong!

A crisp bell sound came from room six. Feng Xiaoweis assistant shouted, "Three million!"

Lin Wanwan raised her eyebrow. Was Feng Xiaowei deliberately picking a fight?

Shen Zhiyi threw Lin Wanwan a look. "With your man around, even if the president is here, he doesnt even need to think about snatching anything from you. Go, Pikachu!"