Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 978

Chapter 978 Fighting Against Each Other

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Lin Wanwan shook her head. "Its not a must for me to have it. Give it to her, then."

Shen Zhiyi was exasperated at her failure to be capable. "Good-for-nothing. You might as well give Lu Zhanbei out as well, then."

Lin Wanwan smiled without saying anything. As she didnt place a higher bid, the item naturally fell into Feng Xiaoweis hands.

The auction continued. Lin Wanwan became more energized only when the 32nd item was brought out.

This was a fortune cat carved from emerald green imperial jade. Everyone knew how valuable emerald green imperial jade was. Furthermore, this was such a huge and complete piece of jade. Of course, it was even more valuable.

The image of the fortune cat was carved so vividly that it was extremely likable.

Even Shen Zhiyi looked at it with interest. "Its not bad to have it as a decoration."

The starting price for this item was 220 million dollars. The face of many people in the hall changed.

Actually, this price was at least 50 million dollars lower than the market price.

After a short silence, many people started to raise their signs.

After the number rose to 280 million dollars at an incredibly fast rate, it gradually slowed down.

Lin Wanwan suddenly slapped the table. "I want to place a bid as well!"

She shook the bell. "300 million!"

The bell in room six rang as well. "310 million."

Lin Wanwan immediately followed. "320 million."

"330 million!"

The voices from the two rooms became louder and louder. The people in the hall couldnt cut in at all.

Within a minute, the price had already risen to 400 million dollars.

This was the first time Lu Zhanbei was seeing Lin Wanwan being so passionate and generous. A hint of interest flashed in his eyes.

Shen Zhiyi was a little surprised at her sudden generosity. "Wanwan, you like this fortune cat?"

Lin Wanwan smiled and said, "Its just half a month to Lu Zhanbeis mothers birthday. Lu Zhanbei said that his mother likes jade. I want this to be a birthday gift for my future mother-in-law. When I earn enough money in the future, Ill return it to Lu Zhanbei."

Lu Zhanbei looked at her, and the smile on his lips became deeper.

Lin Wanwan deliberately didnt lower her volume as she spoke. Thus, Feng Xiaowei, who was in the next room, heard everything clearly.

Cold light flashed past her eyes, and she placed a bid again without hesitation.

She would definitely not give Lin Wanwan a chance to please Madam Lu!

"450 million!"

"460 million!"

"470 million!"

It was another round of crazy auction.

Everyone in the room was shocked.

Even if they were not lacking money, they were still shocked to see two women pouring out loads of money for a dead item.

"Indeed, Feng Xiaowei is rich in capital. However, the woman competing with her seems to be just a celebrity from the entertainment circle. What is her background?"

"Dont belittle Lin Wanwan. This woman is extraordinarily formidable. Even young Tang is a man under her skirt!"

"I see."

Amidst the whisperings, only Lin Wanxin curved her lips and said a word without any sound.


Lin Wanwans and Feng Xiaoweis contention had heated up.

"550 million!"

When Lin Wanwan shouted such a sky-high figure, Feng Xiaowei frowned.

As the daughter of a count and having worked with Lu Zhanbei for so many years, she was naturally not a simple figure.

She had a number of businesses under her name. Even though 500 million wasnt a sky-high figure for her, if so much money was taken out at one time, it would be necessary for her to misappropriate the startup funds for the companys project.

Feng Xiaowei thought of Lin Wanwans humiliation of her and her hatred suppressed her rationale.

"600 million!"

Trees fight for a piece of bark and people fight for self-respect. If she could suppress Lin Wanwan, how much was this sum of money worth?