Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 979

Chapter 979 Tried To Steal A Chicken Only To Lose The Rice Again

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There was an uproar.

Everyone was discussing whether or not the two of them were insane. At the same time, they were looking forward to Lin Wanwans next bid.

It was a pity that they were destined to be disappointed.

"Ms. Feng, youve won."

Lin Wanwans crisp voice traveled from upstairs to everyones ears.

"I announce that the 32nd item belongs to Ms. Feng Xiaowei. Congratulations!"


The small golden hammer struck. This battle finally came to an end.

Feng Xiaowei couldnt feel any unwillingness from Lin Wanwans tone. The thrill of victory she felt was instantly reduced by a great amount.

Forget it. No matter what, she had won.

Furthermore, Lu Zhanbei didnt help her. Did this mean that Lin Wanwan actually didnt have an important place in his heart?

Upon thinking about this, Feng Xiaowei revealed a smile on her face.

At this moment, Lin Wanwans troubled voice traveled over. "Lu Zhanbei, I seem to have remembered wrongly. Have you never mentioned that your mother likes jade?"

"She doesnt like jade."

"Sigh. Indeed, age is catching up and my brain isnt working well anymore."

Feng Xiaowei turned cold.

She had been tricked!

Lin Wanwan had deliberately dug a hole for her, and she was actually so foolish as to have jumped in!

She had risked the companys uncertain future in exchange for such an ending: trying to steal a chicken only to lose the rice again!

Hearing the sounds of teacups shattering from room six, Shen Zhiyi smiled. "Wanwan, this move is quite formidable. Killing without spilling blood."

Lin Wanwan laughed humbly. "I have to thank you for that."


"The Bible said that if God wants someone to die, he must first drive that someone crazy. You thought that Feng Xiaowei became crazy from the agitation. An enemy without rationale falls into a trap very easily."

What meaning was there to have fought over a weasel-hair brush?

The starting price was so little. Even if it was an auction, she couldnt get much money out from Feng Xiaowei.

If she wanted to play, they should raise the stakes!

Shen Zhiyi looked at her calm and indifferent expression and fancied her even more.

"My little cutie, let me kiss you."

Without waiting for her to pounce over, a hand stretched out of nowhere and grabbed her shoulders firmly.

"Oh my!"

Unexpectedly, Shen Zhiyi leaned toward Tang Chen.

Young Tang, who had been closing his eyes to rest, seemed to have eyes on the back of his head. He moved his body to the side, causing Ms. Shen to hit her head against the wall. She grimaced with pain and shouted angrily.

"Lu Zhanbei, wait and see!"

Lin Wanwan saw that her forehead was red and wanted to rub the bump. However, Lu Zhanbei stopped her. She could only laugh dryly. "Sister Zhiyi, I have a jealous king here. Dont mind me."

"If Im a jealous king, what are you?"

"A jealous queen."

Seeing that the two of them were flirting, Tang Chen moved his lips a little.

He swept his gaze over the light smile on Lu Zhanbeis face and found it simply to be an eyesore.

"Lin Wanwan, to be his wife, theres still a long way to go for you. Dont forget the relationship between your mother and his mother."

Lin Wanwans face collapsed.

Lu Zhanbei glanced over plainly. "It looks like young Tang hasnt kicked off the habit of being nosy."

"Im not being nosy with your affairs."

"Shes my woman. Her affairs are my affairs."

"Does her body have your name on it?" Tang Chen sneered.

Lu Zhanbei curved his lips. He raised Lin Wanwans chin and kissed her directly.

Shen Zhiyi looked on with interest while Tang Chens handsome profile turned cold.

Before Lin Wanwan could fly into a rage out of humiliation, Lu Zhanbei released her. "Although her body doesnt have my name on it, it has my smell. Young Tang, the bitter sea is endless. Have a good swim."

"" After a long while, Tang Chen said, "Lu Zhanbei, youre becoming more and more shameless."