Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 98

Chapter 98 Protected By Everyone

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When the truth was exposed, every student was shocked at Tao Xinyues viciousness. When they remembered how they had maligned Lin Wanwan, their hearts were filled with apologies.

The netizens who had blindly followed along without thinking also expressed that they owe Lin Wanwan an apology.

"Wanwan, sorry. I apologize to you."

"Sorry, its all Tao Xinyues fault for misleading us. Shes really vicious!"

"How can there be such a vicious woman in this world? If I see her, Ill beat her up until her own mother cant recognize her! Right, where did Lin Siqing go? Since her mother is so cruel and unscrupulous, she cant be any better!"

"Ill let you guys in on a secret. Lin Siqing doesnt usually talk bad about Lin Wanwan. However, she previously said that she personally saw Lin Wanwan taking drugs!"

The students topic gradually changed, from scolding Tao Xinyue to pulling Lin Siqing into this matter.

Lin Siqing heard all of this as she entered the cafeteria, and her face flushed red.

"Look, its Lin Siqing. She actually has the cheek to come here!"

"Lin Wanwan was abused by her mother for so many years. She should have a share in this too. We should lock her up as well!"

Lin Siqing was stared at with looks of contempt and disdain. She had finally gotten a taste of the treatment Lin Wanwan suffered two days ago.

What made her even angrier was that the two friends who had entered school with her immediately distanced themselves from her once they heard the discussions, avoiding her like the plague.

"Lin Wanwan, look at what youve done!"

She rushed over like a mad person in a rage. She squeezed in front of Lin Wanwan and wanted to use her hands. "Your mother was shameless to seduce Father. Thats why an illegitimate child like you was born! Who are you to act pitiful here? You guys are the ones who are slutty in the first place!"

Without waiting for her hand to land, Lin Wanwan stood up abruptly, grabbed her lunchbox, and slammed it on her face.


The red and yellow liquids slipped down Lin Siqings beautiful face. Some pieces of cabbage were dangling in her hair and were going to fall off anytime.

Lin Siqing was stunned.

Under the watchful gazes of hundreds of pairs of eyes, Lin Wanwan asked, "Are you sober now? You can scold me, but dont insult my mother!"

Lin Siqing reacted and screamed heartbreakingly. Her shivering hands wiped her face.

Looking at the rice grains and soup on her palm, her expression became distorted and she made a mad rush towards Lin Wanwan!

"Youre just a foolish dog raised by the Lin family. You dare to lay a hand on me? Dont think that I dare not do anything to you now that your wings have hardened!"

Lin Wanwan did not have time to avoid her; the student onlookers had rushed up and grabbed hold of Lin Siqing.

"Dont go too overboard!"

"You dont know how to repent after making mistakes. Now youre even hitting people. Shameless! Lets go, take her to the discipline office and let her be punished by the headmaster!"

Lin Siqing struggled desperately. "Let go of me. Im not in the wrong. The one whos wrong is Lin Wanwan!"

As if frightened by her ferocious face, Lin Wanwan shrank her neck and immediately attracted the care and concern of several female students.

"Dont be afraid. We will not let her hurt you in school. Leave quickly after you finish your meal!"

"Thank you."

Lin Wanwan was no longer interested in this farce. In her eyes, Lin Siqing was just too tender.

The reason why she and Tao Xinyue could bully the original Lin Wanwan was purely because she was a fool.

"Lin Wanwan, get back here!"

Lin Wanwan walked far away but could still hear Lin Siqings hysterical screams.

Finally, the farce ended with Lin Siqing being recorded with a huge demerit.