Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 980

Chapter 980 Who Is It? Come Out

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Lu Zhanbei: "I learned it from you."

At this time, the auction finally came to an end.

Lin Wanwan didnt plan to attend the banquet after that. However, Lu Zhanbei had made a business appointment with someone. Thus, she could only sneak up to the balcony to get some fresh air.

Sharp-eared, she suddenly heard someone talking.

Out of curiosity, she leaned toward the corner and saw two men with their back facing her discussing something.

As the distance was a little far, some parts were inaudible.

"A new batch of goods has arrived recently. If youre interested, you can take a look"

This voice belonged to Ye Yuanting?

Lin Wanwan was a little uncertain. She was only sure when she saw the mans thumb subconsciously rubbing the platinum tail ring on his little finger.

As Ye Yuantings loyal fan, not only was she familiar with every detail of his works, she also understood his little movements.

The man talking to Ye Yuanting left very quickly.

Ye Yuanting wanted to leave as well. He turned around and saw the tips of Lin Wanwans toes accidentally pointing out from the wall.

"Who is it? Come out!"

Lin Wanwan appeared, embarrassed.

"Its you?" Ye Yuanting lost his usual calmness and gentleness and looked sharp. "How much did you hear just now?"

Sensing the murderous intent in his eyes, Lin Wanwan shivered in her heart. "Mr. Ye, I can understand."

"You can understand?"

Lin Wanwan hurriedly nodded.

Although she wasnt sure what shady background Ye Yuanting had beyond his identity as a superstar, when she thought that the man who was talking to him must have been the person-in-charge of the auction, she guessed that Ye Yuanting had provided the auctioned items.

The sources of these auctioned items must be illegal.

Lin Wanwan was accustomed to seeing all sights and sounds. Although she was kind-hearted, she wasnt a saint to the extent that she would interfere in such matters.

"Mr. Ye, my worship for you will not change because of this matter."

She said it sincerely, and Ye Yuantings expression recovered its gentleness.

"Thank you. Ill invite you to my club to play another time."

"No problem!"

"I still have something on. Ill get going first."

"Goodbye, idol."

When she couldnt see Ye Yuantings figure anymore, Lin Wanwan slapped her forehead with regret.

She had forgotten to ask for his signature again!

Lin Wanwan came to the banquet hall. She initially wanted to see if Lu Zhanbei was still discussing about business when someone intercepted her out of nowhere as she walked in.

Wei Wanwan stood next to Feng Xiaowei and mocked, "Lin Wanwan, how does it feel to be a defeated opponent?"

"Not too bad."

Wei Wanwan simply assumed that she was pretending and became more aggressive. "Do you now know the difference between you and my cousin? You actually dared to snatch her things. This is called biting off more than you could chew!"

"Yes, yes."

Lin Wanwan nodded humbly and looked at Feng Xiaowei, whose look was turning uglier by the moment. She said sincerely, "Congratulations, Ms. Feng. Im sincerely convinced of my loss."

Wei Wanwan still wanted to say something when she was interrupted by Feng Xiaoweis reprimand.

"Shut up!"

Hadnt she found herself to be embarrassing enough?!

Aside from some fools similar to Wei Wanwan, all the guests today were elites who had seen it all.

They quickly intuited that perhaps Feng Xiaowei had been played.

Feng Xiaowei received their mocking gazes the entire night.

Wei Wanwan shut up with a wronged look.

Lin Wanwan could feel that Feng Xiaoweis murderous gaze was always on her. She shrugged her shoulders, not caring one bit.

"Have a good chat, both of you. Ill get going first."

Feng Xiaowei looked at her back view and laughed coldly.