Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 981

Chapter 981 A Shocking Personal Message

She had always looked down on Lin Wanwan in her heart.

A bimbo who had no background and only knew how to play tricks wasnt worthy to be her enemy.

At the beginning, she only wanted Lin Wanwan to understand the differences between them so that she would retreat from the difficulties as soon as possible.

However, her mindset had changed now.

Lin Wanwan returned to the car and sent Lu Zhanbei a message that she would leave by herself first. As she left, the two brothers from the Xing family rushed over.

"Brother Xing, its your fault for stopping me. If not, I wouldnt have been late."

Xing Si was still looking cold and expressionless. "Dont create trouble for me and stop doing those silly things like confessing your love."

"Youre afraid of Lu Zhanbei, but Im not. Its obvious Im the one who met Wanwan first. On what basis should I give her up to him?" Xing Junhuan refused to give in.

"You could only be blamed for returning too late."

Xing Junhuan choked.

Actually, he himself didnt know what kind of feelings he had for Lin Wanwan. If it was love, it didnt seem unforgettable enough. If it was sympathy, it wasnt only that either.

He had only one aim for fighting so hard overseas for the past few years to own the right to protect her.

Over time, this idea had become an obsession.

When Lin Wanwan returned to Yun Mansion, it was already 11 pm.

She pushed open the bedroom door and realized that Lu Zhanbei had already returned. He was standing in front of the window curtains.

"Where did you go?" he asked, turning around.

"Its a secret." Lin Wanwan smiled and entered the bathroom.

For the past few days, Lin Wanwans tracks had been secretive and it wasnt known what she had been doing.

Today, it was rare that she had some free time. She kept her promise and went to that secluded village. She found that the new school was under construction and that the children were given a new set of clothes each.

She felt especially relieved to see all the faces full of childlike laughter.

When she returned, the sky had already darkened.

Lin Wanwan lay on the bed and browsed Weibo in satisfaction.

She had always received a lot of personal messages. Most of them were Ball fans confessing their love to her. Some of them were anti-fans who gave personal attacks.

Suddenly, a shocking personal message entered her view.

"Ball, Im feeling very regretful now, but Im also very grateful. My previous life was like the female leads in A Fathers Love Is Like a Mountain. As my father was going to remarry, I ran away from home out of anger. Perhaps God wanted to punish me for my rashness. A nightmare fell on me.

"I had been abducted!

"Compared to my experience, those women who had been trafficked into the mountains and became the wives of those mountain villagers are much more fortunate.

"The person who abducted me chopped off both my arms and dressed me up as the goddess, Venus. Then, men vented on me one after another, and they used all kinds of disgusting ways to torture me.

"Such a painful life lasted for two years. I finally couldnt tolerate it any longer and bit my tongue to commit suicide.

"Thankfully, God didnt give up on me completely.

"They thought that I died and threw me into the forest. I walked on both legs for a long time before reaching the roads, and someone sent me to the hospital.

"Although I lost both my arms and the right to be a mother, I survived.

"Father treated me well. My stepmother wasnt as hateful as I had imagined.

"It feels good to let out this secret. Anyway, you wont see this as well.

"Ball, you chose to forgive and forget in the movie. Me too."

Lin Wanwan read this long paragraph of words again and again.

"What are you looking at?"

Lin Wanwan looked up at Lu Zhanbei and handed over her mobile. "Look at this."