Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 982

Chapter 982 A Couple Of The Same Mind Overcoming All Obstacles With Combined Determination

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Lu Zhanbei quickly scanned through it. After a while, he said plainly, "Acrotomophilia."


This was the first time Lin Wanwan had heard such a term.

There was love.

There was amputation.

Loving amputees?

Lin Wanwan frowned hard and searched for the specific meaning of this term.

After reading it, her brows tightened.

Acrotomophilia and loving the same gender were similar. Although both werent mainstream, they shouldnt be attributed to mental illness. People with acrotomophilia believed in the beauty of amputees and would develop strong sexual interest toward them.

If both of them were willing parties, Lin Wanwan wouldnt discriminate against such a relationship.

However, it could be seen from this netizens experience that there was a group of people with acrotomophilia who cruelly turned normal people into amputees for their own pleasure.

She couldnt tolerate this!

Lin Wanwan clicked open the private conversation dialogue box with the netizen named "Nirvana Rebirth."

Lin Wanwan: "Are you there?"

Nirvana Rebirth: "Ball! Why are you sending me a personal message?"

Lin Wanwan: "Dear, thank you for your support. However, I dont think you should forgive these bastards. They should pay the price. If not, more people will be ruined in their hands!"

Nirvana Rebirth: "I dont dare to make a police report. They have quite a strong background."

Lin Wanwan: "Provide hints to me. Ill take revenge for you!"

After a long while, the other party replied with an "Ok."

As the words were being typed using voice-input method, Nirvana Rebirths response was incredibly slow in coming.

According to her, when she was thrown out of that place, she saw a signboard in a daze.

Venus Club.

As for the rest, she wasnt sure.

Lin Wanwan rubbed her aching temples. She saw Lu Zhanbei looking quietly at her and pouted, "Do you think that Im a busybody?"

She herself thought so as well. If she wasnt a busybody, she would still be the famous actress Lin Xiao and wouldnt have encountered that car accident.

"A little."

However, it was a pro that she was a busybody. He liked it.

Lin Wanwan looked at the ceiling. "I lead a fortunate life. I also hope all the kind people can lead a fortunate life."

Lu Zhanbei smiled plainly. "Yes. What matters is that youre happy. Ill support all your ideas."

"I have an idea!" At this moment, Lin Wanwan slapped her forehead. "I can get into Venus Club by pretending to be a customer and find out who the mastermind is!"

Lu Zhanbei frowned. "Thats too dangerous."

"You should believe in me. Im trained by Xing Si."


Lu Zhanbei looked as if he wouldnt agree to her regardless of what she said.

Lin Wanwan moved her eyes. She didnt have time to act pitiful and like a spoiled child.

"Shut up." Lu Zhanbei paused. Seeing Lin Wanwans look of disappointment, he sighed in compromise. "Forget it. Ill agree."


He had agreed?

She hadnt used her legendary trick of beauty.

Lin Wanwan blinked her eyes in incredulity. She was about to pounce over and give him a kiss when Lu Zhanbei pushed her away in disdain.

"Ill go with you."

Lin Wanwan had an internal struggle.

Would it be undermining his almighty and superior status if he accompanied her to do such sneaky things?

However, with Lu Zhanbei around, she would indeed have more confidence.

"Thats fine as well. A couple of the same mind overcoming all obstacles with combined determination!"

The next evening, Lin Wanwan and Lu Zhanbei drove to Venus Club.

From the exterior, this club didnt look luxurious. As it was in a remote location, the main gate looked deserted as well.