Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 983

Chapter 983 If Hes Blind Thatll Be Perfect

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Lin Wanwan parked the car and was about to get off of it.

"Put this on."

Lu Zhanbei threw over a butterfly-shaped silver mask.

Lin Wanwan didnt want to create any trouble because of her status as a celebrity. She put on her mask and looked at Lu Zhanbei again.

"Youre not putting one on?"

"No one knows me here."

Both of them walked in and wanted a room. The manager routinely asked if they needed some people to accompany them.

"Of course. Pick a few of your best ones and bring them over."

"Please wait for a moment."

When the manager came back, there were a few good-looking youths behind him. He smiled and made an introduction. "They are the headlines of our club. Not only can they accompany visitors to play all sorts of games, but they can also provide sexual services."

The three young girls saw Lu Zhanbei and their eyes immediately shone.

Most of the visitors who came to seek fun were old and ugly. This young man in front of them was flawlessly handsome. His slender figure and that obvious sense of nobility made them excited.

He was such a perfect man. Even if he didnt pay them, they were willing to spend a night with him for free!

Sensing the fiery gazes from the three, Lin Wanwan used her sleeve as a cover and squeezed Lu Zhanbeis waist.

"You only know how to attract attention!"

If she had known earlier, she would have gotten him to put on a mask.

Lu Zhanbei noticed that the three men were also staring fixedly at Lin Wanwans exquisite figure. He similarly used his eyes to reply to her.

"Are you qualified to lecture me?"

Lin Wanwan gave a tsk in her heart but frowned on the surface, as if perplexed. "Husband, are there any you like out of so many of them?"

The manager raised his eyebrow.

So it turned out that this young couple wanted to play a multi-player game.

This name-calling of "husband" made Lu Zhanbei feel very comfortable.

"No." He didnt continue the conversation after that.

Lin Wanwan glared at him, using her eyes to signal him to continue his lines.

Lu Zhanbei frowned and said plainly, "Its not as if you dont know my taste. You said you would be giving me a surprise tonight. I didnt expect this, though."

Damn. He actually dared to change her script!

Lin Wanwan patted his hand, comforting him. She turned around, glared at the manager, and said the shameless lines that Lu Zhanbei was supposed to say.

"The friend who introduced me here said that I can enjoy services that even Ground Palace cant provide. Was she lying to me, or are you making a fool out of me?"

These two even knew about Ground Palace, which served only distinguished guests. It was obvious they came from strong backgrounds.

"Im not sure what kind of services both of you are looking for, though?"

Lin Wanwan lifted her chin and pointed to a certain man.

"Hes the kind that I like. However, his eyes arent good-looking. If hes blind, thatll be perfect."

The youth was so shocked that his body trembled.

The manager looked enlightened.

He signaled with his eyes for the youths to leave. His respectful tone implied caution. "I understand what you mean. Our club can indeed satisfy your needs. Its just that visitors who are here for the first time have to show us the necessary message from regular visitors. Since both of you were recommended by your friend, you should understand our rules here."

Upon hearing this, Lin Wanwans heart skipped a beat.

Oh no!

She had made up those words just now. She didnt have any message card at all.

Just as Lin Wanwan was racking her brains to think of a solution, Lu Zhanbei flicked his finger.

A silvery-white card crossed a beautiful arc and landed in the managers hands.

After the managers inspection, Lin Wanwan looked at Lu Zhanbei in surprise.

Lu Zhanbei snorted lightly. "Fool."