Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 984

Chapter 984 Im Here. You Dont Have To Worry

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"" Ok, she had indeed underestimated her enemy.

It was such a dark and shady place that couldnt be seen in public. How could there be no precautionary measures?

After hed confirmed the message card, the last trace of guarded expression disappeared from the managers eyes.

"Distinguished guests, please follow me."

He returned the card to Lu Zhanbei and led the two out of the room respectfully. They took the lift to the basement, and he opened another secret door. There was a long staircase behind the secret door.

They went down the stairs and came to a hall that was decorated simply. They stopped in front of a room.

"Both of you, please enter."

The decoration of the room was strangely extravagant. A large number of indescribable tools were placed there as well. The things that could be seen everywhere made people blush.

The tips of Lin Wanwans ears started to stain red. However, she tried to look like she was calm.

However, when she saw Lu Zhanbei looking at those items on the bed with interest, she flew into a rage out of humiliation and shook him.

Lu Zhanbei mouthed a sentence.

"Want to try?"

Try his a*s!

At this time, the manager asked, "May I ask what request you have for your product?"

Lin Wanwans eyes turned cold. "Looks appeal to me more. I want a more handsome blind man. Do you have one?"

The manager nodded and looked at Lu Zhanbei.

"Same as her."

"Both of you are in luck. Coincidentally, a pair of male-female twins who lost their sight has come here a few days ago. Both of them are good-looking. You will like them."

The anger in Lin Wanwans heart surged up!

How were there so many "coincidences" in this world? They must have abducted that pair of twins and made them blind!

"Bring them over, then."

"Please hold on."

Not too long later, the manager pulled a man and a woman out, as if he was pulling two dogs.

Their eyes were hollow. They were good-looking, but their expressions were numb, like the walking dead. There were iron collars around their necks.

Upon witnessing this scene, Lin Wanwan clenched her fists tightly. She couldnt help but want to rush forward. However, Lu Zhanbei held her hand.

She tried her best to calm down. "Two people are too few. Thats not fun enough. Bring more people over."

"Im sorry. We dont have so many blinds here."

"Other types are fine as well."

Lin Wanwan pretended to think. "Why dont you bring us over to pick?

"Guest, this doesnt abide by the rules."

"All I have is money. As long as you let me have my fun, money isnt an issue!"

The manager continued to shake his head. Lin Wanwan was a little irritated. "Wheres your boss? I want to speak to him personally!"

A trace of guardedness flashed past the managers face at her tough attitude.

Lin Wanwan sensed it and her heart jumped. She knew this manager had always been skeptical of her. After all, she had been reluctant to show her true face. Thus, she took off her mask.

"I came here to play while bearing a lot of risk as well. Cant you let me enjoy myself more?"

"You are Lin Wanwan?"

It was unknown what the manager thought of as he hurriedly exited the room.

Lin Wanwan saw that he was making a call and guessed that he was contacting the mastermind.

Lu Zhanbei pinched her hand. "Im here. Dont worry."

His cold voice carried with it a magical comforting power, and Lin Wanwans feelings of perturbation disappeared.

The manager walked over with a smile on his face. "Our boss has decided to entertain both of you personally. Please follow me."

Lin Wanwan and Lu Zhanbei looked at each other and nodded.