Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 985

Chapter 985 These Words Sound Familiar

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Out of the lounge, they made their way to an oddly empty hall after passing multiple narrow corridors.

The hall was simplistic, and there was nothing but a couple of large metal cages.

However, animals werent locked in them but humans!

Broken limbs, blind, deaf, disfigured they had everything.

They were dressed up as office workers, air-stewardesses, teachers, cos-players, and others.

Lin Wanwans rage was brewing as her face sank.

"Ms. Lin." A deep voice came from behind.

Lin Wanwan looked back, and a man in a black mask and branded suits strolled down the stairs.

"You must be pleasantly surprised by such a magnificent view."

His voice sounded rather mechanical; there must have been a voice changer hung on his ears.

"Are you the boss here?"


The man stood a meter away from Lin Wanwan. He glanced at Lu Zhanbei and found him familiar, but he couldnt quite recall his name.

"Ms. Lin, a new batch of goods has arrived recently. Please take a look."

These words

Sounded familiar.

Lin Wanwan held down her thoughts and put on a flustered smile.

"My boyfriend and I have been interested in this area, but we were too embarrassed to show it. We love each other, but it feels like something is missing, which is what led us here."

"I see."

The man nodded to show his understanding before walking to one of the cages.

There was a young and handsome boy with a missing arm in the cage. His big eyes looked lifeless, sunken into his emaciated cheeks.

"Look, how beautiful."

The man opened his arms, and his eyes flickered with insanity.

"Everything in this world has its unique sense of beauty, and the crippled art is the most memorable of them all. Look at the perfect imperfection. It hurts me to watch, but its so addictive."

Lin Wanwan was about to puke.

She held down the murderous rage in her soul. Before she could turn away, Lu Zhanbei dropped her a look.

Lin Wanwan followed his line of sight and then came a moment of shock.

The mans finger moved about the ring on his pinkie.

This was

Ye Yuantings classic move!

As she recalled the familiar words from moments ago, the truth surfaced!

The mastermind behind this disgusting organization was superstar Ye Yuanting!

Ye Yuanting opened the cage and entered. The boy sat at the corner while Ye Yuanting took the mini-suits off, revealing his slender body.

Ye Yuantings eyes stared at the broken part and started caressing it. There was a hint of pity in his eyes, but there was more pure, disgusting lust.


He bent down for a kiss.

Lin Wanwan couldnt hold it any longer as she glanced at Lu Zhanbei.

Lu Zhanbei nodded quietly.

Ye Yuanting, who was lost in the moment, felt a shadow zooming close.

Without stopping what he was doing, his deep voice came. "Ms. Lin, this boy might not be your type. Check out the third in the second row. Hes a wealthy heir with a missing arm; you can give it a shot."

Before his line ended, he felt a devastating pain from above.

Lin Wanwan grabbed him by his hair and pulled with all his strength.


Ye Yuanting screamed in pain and collapsed onto the ground. Before he could react, the mask was removed from his face.

An attractive face revealed itself to reveal the truth!