Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 987

Chapter 987 President Fan Of Wanwan?

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They ranged from rich and wealthy heirs to poor teens from rural villages.

He crippled them and provided them to the powerful ones.

Actress Lin Wanwan dived deep into danger and caught the mastermind.

Ye Yuanting had been arrested, and relevant authorities had started the investigation.

The news shocked the whole country.

Apart from the fact that Ye Yuanting blew his cover, more netizens were shocked by how Lin Wanwan could show up on the national TV channel with her personal achievements.

There were less than five people who could achieve that in the entertainment industry!

Lin Wanwan went viral for real this time. Everyone knew her! Major media companies fought for a spot to interview her to obtain more information.

Lin Wanwan could ignore the titles, but there was one thing she had to care about.

"Lu Zhanbei, what did you say?"

Lin Wanwan was a little out of control, and her mouth was drooling with a dreamy expression as she repeated, "You are saying that the president will present me with an award?"

Compared to her, Lu Zhanbei was just having another ordinary day.

"You heard it right."

"But" Lin Wanwan couldnt find the right words to say.

She admitted that she did a great job busting Ye Yuanting, but it wasnt enough for the president to hand her the award personally.

Why was that?

"I get it!"

Lin Wanwan had an idea flash across her mind as she stared into Lu Zhanbeis eyes. "The president must be a fan of mine and wants to take this chance to meet me! Mhm, that has to be it!"

Although the idea sounded hilarious, it was the most reasonable possibility.

"" She was undoubtedly one of the most narcissistic actresses out there.

Lu Zhanbei raised his brows. "Dont you think that I might have used my connections?"

Lin Wanwan cast him aside.

She would have guessed Lu Zhanbeis participation if it were anything else. However, the president was involved this time.

"Do you think the presidents your mom? Why would he follow your will?"

Lu Zhanbei flipped the book in his hand, and a concealed grin was on his face.

"It might be soon."

Lin Wanwan rolled her eyes.

Lin Wanwan couldnt hold the excitement in her heart as she started digging through her closet.

"What should I wear on that day?"

"Wear your filming outfit."

Lin Wanwan didnt bother to reply to him. After giggling to herself for a while with her head in her hands, she asked Lu Zhanbei, "What should I say when I meet him?"


"" Lin Wanwan decided that she would never ask him anything again.

The night had arrived, and Lin Wanwan couldnt sleep at all.

Lu Zhanbei watched her twist and turn in bed before grabbing her into his arms.

"What are you so excited about?"

To Lin Wanwan, Lu Zhanbei was the weird one for being so calm.

She saw herself as a regular citizen, and it was only right for her to be excited meeting the top man of the country.

"Lu Zhanbei, have you met the president?"


"How did you react when you learned that he wanted to meet you?"

"Annoyed. Didnt want to see him."


Hehe, Mr. Lu just loves to act all tough.

"Are you really not sleeping?"

"I cant."

"Lets do something fun, then."

"No Ow"