Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 988

Chapter 988 Unbelievable

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Lu Zhanbei did not accept her refusal. Lin Wanwan had been starving for days as well, so she followed his lead.

It was a fun night.

The next day, Ye Yuantings death penalty was announced, and Lin Wanwan finally felt relieved.

However, she was more worried about those who were kidnapped. Her heart could finally rest assured when she got the news that theyd been sent home.

The media also published the fact that Lin Wanwan would receive an award from the president.

The nation blew up again. Lin Wanwan was unbelievable!

There was an extensive discussion on the Internet.

"Who is Lin Wanwan to be presented an award by the president himself? Although she has saved some people, I dont think its that big of a deal!"

"Our Ball is the best!"

"To be fair, I do feel like there is something fishy despite being a fan of hers. There were less than a hundred who had such honor since our independence, and Wanwan is just an actress. This"

"Could there be any unspoken business?"

"Are you guys stupid? Lin Wanwan came from a normal family. Even if she did have connections, there is no way she could affect the presidents decision. I dont understand why you guys doubt this. Lin Wanwan deserves to be praised, and the president might want to take the chance to encourage such bravery."

The discussion was still heated, but the protagonist was already on the way to the presidents office.

A private vehicle came to get her early in the morning.

Lin Wanwan felt the butterflies in her stomach as she couldnt contain her excitement.

After a 30-minute ride, they finally arrived at the destination.

The office was located at the edge of the central city. The area was huge, and the military office was right around the corner. High walls and layers of guards surrounded the place, and high-tech weapons were ready to fire. The atmosphere was serious and solemn.

After the final checkpoint, Lin Wanwan had her whole body scanned.

Then, a proficient man in a suit walked over to her.

He signaled the guards to go back to their positions before smiling to Lin Wanwan. "Hi, Ms. Lin. I am the secretary working for the president. The ceremony is ready; please follow me."

"Thank you." Lin Wanwan followed quietly.

The ceremony took place in a yard, and it wasnt a huge event. Other than a few reporters, there were just a few generals and politicians, together with the presidents secretary and assistants.

Lin Wanwan studied the surrounding discreetly.

Out of nowhere, she met a pair of complimenting eyes. The owner of those eyes mouthed two words to her.

"Good job!"

Lin Wanwan blinked her eyes.

This man seemed to have made an appearance when she was quarreling with Vivian.

She checked out his uniform and found a golden leaf and three golden stars.


Just then, footsteps came from afar.

Lin Wanwans heart skipped a beat as she quickly fixed her posture and looked straight ahead.

Attended by a few secretaries, a man with gray hair came forward in steady steps.

The Chinese tunic suit looked neat and clean, and the wrinkled face showed his years of being loved and respected.

Lin Wanwans eyes shone. The face that could be seen only on TV had appeared right before her eyes!