Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 989

Chapter 989 The Gift For The President

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The president walked over. Seeing the girl with clenched fists and flustered cheeks, he couldnt help but crack a joke.

"Do I look that scary?"

"No not at all, Im just too excited!"

"Relax. Im just like a normal person, no extra eyes or hands."

The president was more approachable than she had imagined. He was not someone high up in the air but more like an ordinary elderly.

Lin Wanwan believed that the president was born with a good temper, so she let her guard down as time passed. However, the secretaries couldnt help but exchange glances among themselves, and they looked a little shocked.

Just like the citizens, they were curious as well.

The president was so busy that he could barely sleep. Why did he have to present the award to an actress?

Also, although he wasnt a serious person, he still had an unapproachable vibe from holding such high authority.

It was bizarre that he acted so friendly toward Lin Wanwan as if he was afraid to come off as intimidating.

Finally, it was time for the award presentation.

Lin Wanwan was invited to the stage to receive the certificate from the president before the medal was carefully placed on her.

The moment was stored in time with the cameras.

The president extended his hand with a gentle smile. "Little girl, carry on with your good deeds. No matter which line of work you are in, there will always be a place for you to shine. Also you have great taste."

The last line sounded a little ambiguous.

Lin Wanwan assumed that he was praising her performance in picking out films as she shook his hand. "Thank you!"

The president gave a light pat on her shoulder. "All the best, Ill be cheering you on."

Lin Wanwan blinked her eyes. The president was indeed her fan!

"Mr. President!"

Lin Wanwan stopped the man who was about to leave and gathered all her courage to pull out a flat box from her pocket. "This is for you."

The president raised his brows. His secretarys expression was still, but his heart couldnt help but feel a hint of disdain.

Was Lin Wanwan trying to bribe the president?


Youngsters these days had no idea who they were dealing with.

The president met Lin Wanwans sparkling eyes and received the box with a grin. "Thank you."

This action surprised everyone present.

Lin Wanwans eyes curled into an appealing arc, soothing the presidents expression.

"Send Ms. Lin off."

"Goodbye, Mr. President." Lin Wanwan bowed.

Once she left, the older man wearing a generals uniform rushed over to the president. "Brother, Im curious what wonderful gift the girl has given you."

The other generals came close as well, and the secretaries peeked from a distance.

The president opened the box. When everyone saw what was in it, their expression became rather complicated.

"HAHAHA!" The older general was the first to burst into laughter.

He grabbed a signed photo from the box and read the line written on the back.

"Mr. President, I know that you are my fan, but you must be embarrassed to ask for my signature. That is why I have prepared this gift. I hope that you will like it."


Hearing this, the group of people who controlled the entire nation was at a loss for words.