Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 99

Chapter 99 Always Meeting On The Sly

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After the truth regarding Lin Wanwan taking drugs had been revealed, every student’s level of sympathy towards her was at its maximum, out of guilt.

Regardless of where she went, people would take the initiative to greet her. Even the teachers showed a cheerful countenance when they saw her.

There were suddenly a lot of fans who soothed and comforted her on Weibo, and Lin Wanwan could neither cry nor laugh.

She led a quiet life once again. Lin Wanwan shuffled between school and the production team. Occasionally, she would send a teasing message to Lu Zhanbei, and that was satisfying.

This afternoon, Lin Wanwan was having packed lunch at the studio when Lu Zhanbei called.

“Hello? Is anything the matter?”

Lu Zhanbei’s voice was calm as usual. “Are you free tonight?”

“Since my financier wants to take me out, I must be free.”

Lu Zhanbei laughed. “5 pm this evening at the north gate of the studio. I won’t leave without seeing you.”


Lin Wanwan hung up the call and pushed around the oily vegetables lightly. She looked at An Qiao in dissatisfaction.

“Uncle, it’s tough to be an actor. Can you help us to order something nicer?”

“What do you want to eat?”

“A seafood feast!’

“Yeah, continue thinking about it then.”


After complaining about him being a miser, Lin Wanwan quickly finished eating, changed her clothes, and continued to film.

In order to be on time for her date, she showcased her acting skills in the afternoon with no NG. An Qiao was so happy that he kept clapping his hands.

“Little girl, you’re improving at a tremendous pace! Ok, your filming parts are done today. Knock off and rest early!”

“Bye, Uncle~”

Lin Wanwan changed her clothes and sneaked out to the north gate like a thief. Lu Zhanbei’s conspicuous car was already parked under a tree.

She sat in and complained, “We are always meeting on the sly. Do you get the feeling that we are committing adultery?”

“” This was the first time Lu Zhanbei heard someone describe oneself thus.

“Where are you bringing me to?”

“Attend a cocktail party with me.”

After saying so, Lu Zhanbei looked at her attire and frowned. “Gu Mo, return to Yun Mansion.”

Lin Wanwan smiled ambiguously at Lu Zhanbei. “You actually invited me to be your female companion. That’s incredible.”

Lu Zhanbei said in a matter-of-fact manner, “You do still meet my aesthetic requirements.”

“Is it because I’m the most beautiful woman you’ve ever known?”

“Female and living.”

“!” Lin Wanwan refused to continue interacting with him.

Gu Mo smiled. “Because you’re one of the two women that Sir is familiar with, he can only seek you out.”

“Who’s the other one?”

Lu Zhanbei was like an iceberg. Regardless of how much power and authority he had or how good-looking he was, his vicious tongue and that coldness that seemed to forbid anyone from getting close to him would definitely repel women.

Gu Mo did not have the chance to say that he himself was not sure who Sir had a crush on when Lu Zhanbei coldly interrupted, “A new oil mine has been discovered in Africa. Gu Mo, you’ll lead the team tomorrow.”

After a second of silence

“No!!!” The wailing was so loud that Lin Wanwan’s eardrums hurt.

Lin Wanwan scratched her head and laughed. “That woman wouldn’t happen to be the white moonlight in your heart right? We can’t even mention her?”

Lu Zhanbei looked at her slightly. “Do you also want to go to Africa and dig oil?”

“Ok, I’ll shut up.”

The sky had darkened slightly when the car arrived at Yun Mansion.

“Sir, welcome back.” The old gentleman Uncle Ying gave an elegant greeting.

As Lu Zhanbei strode in, he ordered him, “You have half an hour. Give her a makeover so that she’d look more human-like.”