Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 990

Chapter 990 Give Her A Grandchild

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When the general was finally done laughing, he gave the president a heavy tap on the shoulder. He said with hidden implications, "This is such an interesting girl. Are you satisfied with her?"

The president replied, staring at Lin Wanwans bright smile on the picture, "Not too bad."


There was another round of bright laughter.

Back at the Yun Mansion, Lin Wanwan told Lu Zhanbei about giving her signed photo to the president.

Lu Zhanbei found it hilarious.

Giving a signature to the president she was probably the only one who could come up with such ideas.

What expression would be on his face when the president opened the box to a mere signature?

What a pity. He should have been there for the show.

Lin Wanwan stored the certificate and badge carefully and placed them in a safe.

Afterward, she dusted her hands clean. "Im heading out."

The next day, the media released snaps of Lin Wanwan receiving the award from the president, creating another round of discussion.

Lin Wanwan, the protagonist of the story, had disappeared for quite a few days. Even Lu Zhanbei barely saw her.

The netizens saw her busy schedule as a form of humility, and it was a bonus for her rising popularity. Soon, another million was added to her number of Weibo fans.

One day, Lin Wanwan received a call from Shen Zhiyi when she reached the Yun Mansion.

"Wanwan, just a reminder for you. Its Zhanbeis mothers birthday."

"I would never forget that."

"Are you going?"

"Of course."

Lin Wanwan pulled open her closet, and her slender fingers ran through a line of limited edition dresses. "How could I miss out on my future mother-in-laws birthday?"

"Good luck."

"Zhiyi, how is she like to you?"

"Number one female in the country."

Shen Zhiyi could read Lin Wanwans shock from her silence.

"Im not exaggerating; she is a smart and powerful woman. My advice would be to not try anything funny before her unless you are that confident."

Lin Wanwans eyes flickered. "Got it."

Lin Wanwan got back to picking her clothes after hanging up the phone.

Just then, a lazed voice came from behind. "Have you made your decision?"

Lin Wanwan picked a set of clothes without turning back.

"This is it!"

Lu Zhanbei glanced at the outfit she selected, and his eyes twitched a little. "Are you sure?"

"Of course!"

Lin Wanwan laid the clothes on the sofa and picked out the matching accessories before going to bed.

The moment she had her eyes closes, a pair of naughty hands came over.

She clicked her tongue. "Lu Zhanbei, are you trying to show your mom how contented we are?"

"She should be happy that Im contented."

Lin Wanwan brushed his hands off. "Im going onto the battlefield tomorrow, so dont mess around now."

Lu Zhanbeiraised his brows. "Getting my mother to like you is easier than you think."

"Do share."

Lu Zhanbei rested his hand on her soft tummy, and his voice was ambiguous. "Give her a grandchild and it would be hard for her to dislike you in any way."

"Hell, no!" She was way too young to have a child.

Lin Wanwan wrapped herself with a blanket, leaving Lu Zhanbei to watch the back of her head. "Dont dream of anything if you want to skip necessary protection. Im sleeping now; there is a war to fight."

Lu Zhanbei hugged her together with the blanket. "If Im not having the full meal, at least let me taste the soup."