Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 991

Chapter 991 Standing Up For Her

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Lin Wanwan rolled her eyes and kissed him unwillingly.


That was the soup?


Seeing the serious look on her face as if there was a war to attend, Lu Zhanbei pressed down the urges in his heart.

The next morning, Lin Wanwan hit the road with Lu Zhanbei.

On the way, Lin Wanwan received a message from Tang Chen.

"Good luck."

Lin Wanwan pouted and sent a reply.

"You said the same thing as Zhiyi. Is there something between the two of you?"

"There can be something between the two of us if you give me a chance. My favorite plot would be that Lu Zhanbeis mother rejects you and, eventually, you break up with him."

Lin Wanwan sent him a goodbye emoji before looking out of the window with no emotion on her face.

As they drove along the mountain road, Lin Wanwan noticed guard posts set up along the road. Armed soldiers patrolled the place, and CCTVs were scanning every corner.

"Lu Zhanbei, who is your mother?"

"You will know when you see her."

Tsk, he just had to keep me guessing.

It was a smooth ride. Lin Wanwan was confident that Madam Fu would be staying at a luxurious property.

However, when she got out of the car, all she saw was a simple two-story house.

The garden was nothing special. Although the flowers looked great, they werent any exotic species.

The middle-aged lady waiting at the gate seemed to be the butler of the house.

"Welcome back, young master."

She greeted Lu Zhanbei first, then turned to Lin Wanwan with a flat tone. "Hello, Ms. Lin."


"Master, the Madam has been waiting."

Lu Zhanbei held Lin Wanwan by her hand and walked right in.

As she walked up the stairs, she spotted a silhouette at the entrance receiving a pair of slide-on from the servant.

Feng Xiaowei.

Feng Xiaowei changed her shoes and walked into the living room.

Just then, the butler, who was following behind, said, "The young master wouldnt need to change his shoes."

What she meant was clear. Lin Wanwan had to get changed.


Lin Wanwan looked at the servant who brought Feng Xiaowei her shoes. He was standing still as if Lin Wanwan didnt exist.

What was this, asserting dominance?

Feng Xiaowei, who was sitting on the sofa, smirked.

Did Lin Wanwan think it would be so easy to enter a royal family?

Since she wanted to go above her league, then she had to be ready to be embarrassed.

However, the smirk on Feng Xiaoweis face froze in the next second.

Lu Zhanbei grabbed a pair of white slide-on and kneeled gracefully.


Everyone, including the servants and the butler, had disbelief written on their faces.


Lin Wanwan, on the other hand, seemed pretty used to such situations. She put a foot on his knee and watched as Lu Zhanbei took off her sock and put on the comfortable slide-on.

"The other one."

Lin Wanwan repeated the actions.

Other than Feng Xiaoweis apparent hatred, everyone was shocked to the core.

The young master kneeled before a woman and changed her shoes?

Based on their expressions, it seemed to be a regular sight!

The scene was perfectly captured by the eyes of a woman on the stairs.

After changing the shoes, Lu Zhanbei led Lin Wanwan into the living room and spotted the woman on the stairs.


Lin Wanwan looked up.