Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 992

Chapter 992 Identity Revealed Omg

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Judging from her appearance, Madam Fu was only over 40 years old. She looked graceful, and her pair of phoenixes was as clear and calm as Lu Zhanbeis.

Lin Wanwan didnt know why, but she suddenly thought of a famous figure in history.

Empress Wu Zetian.

After being distracted for a while, Lin Wanwan felt that she had seen this face before, and not only once.

Hold on!

She recalled something!

Lin Wanwan swallowed her saliva, and it was difficult to hide the shock in her eyes.

No wonder Lu Zhanbei said that she had seen his mother before.

No wonder Lu Zhanbei said that his mother might become the president soon!

He wasnt lying.

This dignified and majestic woman was named Fu Wanyi. She graduated from the worlds top prestigious law school and was the first Asian to have obtained a doctorate before the age of 25.

She was also an outstanding politician and author, and she used to be a senator for the Federation League for eight years.

After that, she returned to the country to be His Excellency the Presidents secretary. With 10 years in office, she performed well and was hailed as the candidate with the most potential to be the next president!

Oh, right. She was the current presidents daughter.

So His Excellency the President was Lu Zhanbeis grandfather!


Lin Wanwan was on the verge of breaking down. All kinds of images flashed past her mind crazily.

#My husband is the presidents grandson#

#My future mother-in-law is likely to be the first female president in the history of Xia country#

#I must be dreaming#

Lu Zhanbei felt a slight tremor in her hands. Seeing that she was staring fixedly at Fu Wanyi, as if struck by lightning, he laughed silently.

"Zhanbei, I havent seen you for a while." Fu Wanyi swept her gaze over Lin Wanwan and greeted faintly.

Lu Zhanbei smiled lightly and said in the same polite manner, "It hasnt been a year. Thats not considered too long."

He pinched Lin Wanwans hand. "Greet her."

"Ah. Oh."

Lin Wanwan recovered herself. She wondered if she should follow Lu Zhanbei and call her "mother" or if she should address her as "auntie."

She was in a dilemma. She was also afraid that her future mother-in-law would be unhappy with her for considering too long. In a moment of desperation, she blurted out:

"Aunt Mother!"

"" Lu Zhanbei laughed out loud.

As time passed by and she accumulated more experiences, Lin Wanwan had become more alert. He hadnt seen her stupid yet cute side for a very long time.

Fu Wanyi didnt change her look. She glanced at Lin Wanwan, who looked distressed.

"Have a seat."

Lin Wanwan looked resentfully at Lu Zhanbei, as if blaming him for not telling her the truth earlier.

Lu Zhanbei used the same gaze to reply to her that he had already said it before but she herself was too stupid.

Feng Xiaowei coincidentally saw the two of them flirting with their gazes, and her eyes turned cold. On the surface, she put on a graceful and gentle smile.

"Auntie, I havent seen you in so many years. Youre still looking as youthful as ever, and you look better and better."

"Xiaoweis words are still as sweet as ever," Fu Wanyi replied, and her gaze landed on Feng Xiaoweis elegant dress. She then looked at Lin Wanwan.

"Ms. Lin is still young. This outfit suits you well. This is the first time Ive seen a girl wearing this. Its quite a fresh look."

Lin Wanwan was wearing beige-colored pencil pants with a turtleneck sweater today.

The sweater was a fiery red woolen coat with thick white fox fur sewn on the neckline and two cuffs. The furry sweater wrapped her tender face, giving her a childish tenderness. Not to mention that shed tied her hair into a bun.

Feng Xiaowei curved her lips. Auntie was hinting that she was dressed too childishly.

"Auntie, Ms. Lins already 20 years old. She understands the ways of the world. Perhaps she wore this deliberately to make you happy."