Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 993

Chapter 993 Continuing To Support Her

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In other words, Feng Xiaowei was implying that Lin Wanwan deliberately disrespected her.

Lin Wanwan ignored her and looked at Fu Wanyi. "Does Auntie really find it nice? I felt that red was a festive color, and upon thinking that this was the first time Im meeting you, I decided I should be more serious about it. I was initially worried that Auntie wouldnt like it. Listening to your compliment now, I finally feel more at ease."

"" Feng Xiaowei held her anger in and felt uncomfortable.

What was with the shy and arrogant look on Lin Wanwans face? Was she a fool? Her obvious criticism was actually understood as a compliment?

Fu Wanyi paused for a while. She looked at Feng Xiaowei, who was a bag of grass inside despite how no fault could be found on the outside. She then glanced at Lin Wanwan, who was smiling cutely. Finally, she looked at Lu Zhanbei.

If she didnt remember wrongly, this Lin Wanwan had been with him since she was 17 years old.

Was it because of a special hobby that he didnt fancy the educated and reasonable girl from a prestigious family?

Lu Zhanbei sensed her gaze and looked calm. However, he was laughing in his heart a little.

This little woman knew how to play.

"Serve the tea."

The butler heard these words and said, "Madam and young master are drinking Biluochun tea. What would Ms. Feng like?"

Feng Xiaowei noticed that she neglected Lin Wanwan, and a trace of a smile flashed past her eyes. "Same for me as well."

"Please hold on."

Lin Wanwan seemed not to have noticed the butlers differential treatment. However, the smile in Lu Zhanbeis eyes faded.

It looked like these people didnt know how to take hints.

The butler quickly brought out four steaming hot cups of Biluochun tea and a pastry that Lin Wanwan had never seen before.

"Young master, Ms. Feng, this is a pastry that the chef created just a few days ago. Although the eating process is slightly complicated, it doesnt taste bad. Madam likes it."

There were three plates filled with different sauces around the pastry, which were arranged in a row based on the eating sequence.

Only Lin Wanwans wasnt arranged in order.

"It looks good."

Feng Xiaowei looked at Lin Wanwan. Although she had put on a good disguise, her eyes still revealed that she was ready to watch the excitement.

"Ms. Lin, try it quickly as well."

Having said that, she didnt have the intention to demonstrate how to eat it. Obviously, she was waiting for Lin Wanwan to make a fool out of herself.

Lin Wanwan laughed in her heart.

She didnt know if this was Fu Wanyis intention or if the butler had acted on her own, but she was certain of one thing.

Indeed, Fu Wanyi didnt like her.

Lin Wanwan was about to reach out for the pastry when Lu Zhanbei asked, "How do we eat this?"

The butler was stunned. "Dip in mayonnaise, followed by salad dressing, and finally a little of the chefs unique sauce."

"Why didnt you arrange them in sequence before bringing them out?"

Under Lu Zhanbeis calm eyes, the butler looked uneasy.

She had already arranged the young masters in sequence.

Obviously, he was asking this for Lin Wanwan.

"Sorry, young master. Its my bad."

"This is not to be repeated."

Upon hearing this, the butler was overjoyed.

She had been with the Fu family for some years and understood Lu Zhanbeis decisive character.

She initially thought that young master would fly into a rage. Whod have known he would mention it only briefly and let it go lightly?

It looked like Lin Wanwan wasnt that important in his heart.

The butler was relieved and was about to thank him when Lu Zhanbeis next sentence made her freeze.

"Ill give you half an hour. Pack your bags and leave."

"" The butler turned pale and looked at Fu Wanyi. She had not yet said pleading words when Lu Zhanbei smiled lightly and said, "Your health has always been my greatest concern. If you continue to let this foolish butler handle your meals, Ill be worried."