Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 994

Chapter 994 Killing With Kindness 1

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When she heard this, Fu Wanyis lips curved into a smile. It was extremely plain yet real.

"Ill listen to you."

She didnt get the butler to pick on Lin Wanwan anyway.

She had always been by her side but was too reckless.

When she saw that Fu Wanyi nodded, the butlers face turned pale without color. Knowing that there wasnt any room to make changes, she left in despair.

The butlers ending was a wake-up call for others.

Lin Wanwan sighed. This move of Lu Zhanbeis was simply wonderful.

It served both as a warning by example and as a show of filial piety as a son, and it didnt cause Fu Wanyi to be dissatisfied.

However, werent they making a mountain out of a molehill to have fired the other party because of this small matter?

Feng Xiaowei clenched her fists secretly. She would definitely not give Lin Wanwan the chance to please Fu Wanyi!

"Auntie, its your 50th birthday today. Ive prepared a small gift for you. Hope you will like it."

She opened her bag and handed over a royal blue box.

Fu Wanyi received it and opened the box. There was a necklace made of emerald beads, and the pendant was of a jade Buddha carved from "mutton fat" jade.

Fu Wanyi swept her gaze over it and closed the box. "Xiaoweis present is good. I like it."

Feng Xiaowei was a little disappointed by her plain tone and tried her best to maintain a perfect demeanor.

"Ms. Lin, what gift did you prepare for Auntie?"

Lin Wanwan looked mysterious. "My gifts very precious. I want to keep it until the last moment before giving it to Auntie."

"Thats right. The gift Zhanbei prepared for you must be very precious."

Was Feng Xiaowei bullying her for not being able to produce anything good?

"No, no, no." Lin Wanwan held up a finger and shook it. "Lu Zhanbei doesnt know what Ive prepared either."

Feng Xiaoweis eyes shone. "Is that so? Im looking forward to it."

If Lin Wanwan couldnt come up with a decent gift, then, she would see how she ended up!

After theyd been chatting for a long time, it was nearly noon.

The group moved to the restaurant. The table was full of dishes that looked, smelled, and tasted good.

It had been quiet during the meal.

Until Fu Wanyi, who was sitting in the main seat, heard Lin Wanwan mumbling. The sound seemed particularly noisy in the quiet space.

She frowned slightly, and no emotions could be detected from her tone. "Ms. Lin, didnt the Lin family teach you the etiquette of not speaking while eating or sleeping?"

Lin Wanwan saw Feng Xiaoweis curved lips from the corner of her eye and rolled her eyes in her heart. On the surface, she put on a wronged look. "Auntie, sorry. I just wanted to pay attention to what kind of dishes you like. After I learn how to do them, therell be opportunities for me to make them for you in the future."

Feng Xiaowei secretly deemed her a bootlicker.

Fu Wanyi moved her eyebrows. "Theres no need to. Only those who were born to be slaves would like to do everything themselves."

"Aunties right."

Lin Wanwan nodded like a pecking chick and had a smug look on her face that was pleasing to the eyes.

"Im different. With Lu Zhanbei and you doting on me, Im definitely destined to lead the life of a princess, right?"

"" This was the first time Fu Wanyi experienced what was called playing the lute to a cow.

She was mocking her. Didnt she understand?

She heard that she was a fool in the past. Hadnt she recovered?

"Yes, in this day and age, women have to have self-esteem and self-love, as well as be independent. One shouldnt rely on others in the long term."

Lin Wanwan directly ignored the latter part of her words and was so touched that her eyes turned red.

"Auntie, I just casually said those words. I didnt expect you to really dote on me in your heart. I besides Lu Zhanbei, oh no, you treat me better than he does!"