Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 995

Chapter 995 Killing With Kindness 2


What was going on with these words of gratitude and then with labeling her as a good person?

Was she really a fool, or was she just pretending?

The most painful thing in this world wasnt having others to ignore you when you were being sarcastic toward them. It was when others didnt understand your sarcasm and thought that you were complimenting him or her instead.

The people who dealt with Fu Wanyi all year round were either rich madames or important officials.

She was accustomed to high-end communication methods in her conversations. Lin Wanwans simple straightforwardness made her feel powerless, like she was landing a blow on a cotton pad.

Fu Wanyi didnt know the meaning of a tired heart until now.

Lu Zhanbeis lips curved up.

His mother was a formidable character. His grandfather aside, even Lu Zhengyu couldnt hold out for more than 10 of her moves.

However, Lin Wanwan had the capability to suppress her.

Even Lu Zhanbei couldnt do this.

Lu Zhanbei picked up the common chopsticks. "Mother, I remember you like to eat the eight-treasures mandarin fish."

Upon hearing this, Lin Wanwan also used the common chopsticks to place a piece of mandarin fish into her bowl. She expressed her intention with all seriousness, "Auntie, believe me. I will try my best to be better than Lu Zhanbei!"

Fu Wanyi sucked in a breath of air. She had lost interest in being picky.


The interaction among the three landed in Feng Xiaoweis eyes, and her heart burned.

Didnt Auntie hate Lin Wanwan? Why was it that she seemed to be closer to Lin Wanwan now?

Lin Wanwan glanced at Fu Wanyi from time to time and looked touched. However, she was placing her hands on her hips and laughing out loud in her heart.

That was right. She was the naturally stupid cute little girl today.

Fu Wanyi wasnt Lu Zhengyu. She was much smarter than Lu Zhengyu.

If Lu Zhengyu was a fierce king of the beasts and specialized in making big moves

Then Fu Wanyi was a killer who hid in the dark. To deal with people who used words to expose others weaknesses, playing a fool was the most effective.

After lunch, the group moved to the living room.

Feng Xiaowei had long held in her stomach full of anger. "Ms. Lin, can you now take out the gift you have prepared for Auntie and let me have an eyeopener?"

"Yes. Please wait for me for a while."

Lin Wanwan changed her shoes and ran out. When she returned, there was an exquisite squarish wooden box in her hands.

"Auntie, heres wishing you a happy birthday. I wish you to be young and beautiful forever!"

The corners of Fu Wanyis lips moved.

There were a lot of people who flattered her. However, all of them said these words in a beautiful way. This was the first time she heard such "direct" words of blessing.

Fu Wanyi received the wooden box with worn-out interest and casually placed it by the side.

Lin Wanwan didnt mind her absent-minded behavior. However, Feng Xiaowei couldnt help but laugh and said, "Auntie, I have been expecting Ms. Lins gift for a very long time. Will you satisfy my curiosity, please?"

Fu Wanyi looked at her, and the light smile by her lips remained unchanged. "Since you want to take a look, go ahead."

This Feng Xiaowei was too impatient. When she saw her when she was young, she was still a clever girl. Why did she become more stupid as she grew up?

Based on the extent of Lu Zhanbeis love for Lin Wanwan, how would he let her be an embarrassment over such a trivial matter?

Fu Wanyi opened the wooden box. When she saw the item inside, she was shocked.

There was a plate of desserts in the wooden box, along with some melting ice bowls.

Feng Xiaowei couldnt hide the sarcasm in her tone. "Ms. Lin, this is your so-called precious gift?"

Lin Wanwan ignored her and frowned, looking troubled. "Perhaps the cooling effect of the car refrigerator isnt that good. The ice bowls are melting."

Feng Xiaowei raised her eyebrows. "Ms. Lin, what kind of feast has Auntie not tasted before? How would she fancy"

She had not yet finished speaking when she saw Fu Wanyi pick up her chopsticks, reach over for that plate of desserts, and place a piece of dessert into her mouth.