Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 996

Chapter 996 When Will His Love Expire?

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Immediately, her expression changed.

Feng Xiaoweis eyes opened wide, and her cheeks blushed crimson red.

Fu Wanyi turned to Lu Zhanbei. "You brought Ms. Lin to her?"

In the entire Xia country, that woman was the only one who could make such classic milk dessert.


Fu Wanyi put down her chopsticks. "It seems like she likes Ms. Lin."

Lin Wanwan nodded her head. "Yep, she likes me as much as you do."


Fu Wanyi controlled the uneasiness in her heart and glanced at Feng Xiaowei. The hatred on her face bored Fu Wanyi more.

"Its getting late. You guys should head back."

"Well visit you again."

Without any hesitation, Lu Zhanbei grabbed Lin Wanwans hand and left.

At the entrance, the servant handed Lin Wanwans shoes over.

Lin Wanwan raised her brows and glanced at Lu Zhanbei. His threatening way of life worked pretty well.

Feng Xiaowei watched the pair leave as Fu Wanyi spoke to her. "Do you have something to tell me?"

Feng Xiaowei felt nervous looking her in the eyes, but she still tried to put on her brightest smile. "Madam, what do you think about Lin Wanwan?"

She called Lin Wanwan by her name the moment she had left.

Fu Wanyi beamed and replied with Lin Wanwans cheeky smile in mind, "Pretty good-looking."

Feng Xiaoweis heart sank. "Madam, although you dont need a daughter-in-law from an honored family, she should still be a pure and decent woman. Lin Wanwans occupation is one of the most corrupted fields, and Ive heard that her mother was involved with another family. One could only imagine her upbringing!"

Feng Xiaowei didnt realize that Fu Wanyis lips had curved when she mentioned Lin Wanwans mom being a third party.

Feng Xiaowei didnt know about the relationship between Yu Yun and Lu Zhengyu, but Fu Wanyi knew everything.

She was married to Lu Zhengyu to benefit her family.

Lu Zhengyu didnt like her power, and she couldnt bring herself to act femininely.

She imagined that their life would go on like that, but the appearance of Yu Yun ended their marriage.

There were no regrets nor anger.

However, she had to admit that she lost to a woman who was nothing compared to her.

In conclusion, it made her slightly uncomfortable.


Fu Wanyi took a sip of tea, and her steady tone brought calmness to Feng Xiaoweis heart.

"While a persons background matters, loving each other is the most important. They are in their honeymoon period, so dont try anything funny."


Did Fu Wanyi agree with their relationship? Was she warning her not to interrupt their love?

Fu Wanyi felt her head hurt.

It was tiring to speak to a stupid girl like Lin Wanwan, but at least her sweet smile was pleasant to the eyes.

Feng Xiaowei was not only stupid, but her mean look also made it harder to bear.

If Feng Xiaoweis EQ were half of her IQ, she would at least understand what Fu Wanyi meant.

Fu Wanyi wanted to ask her to leave, but she had to control her temper as she recalled Feng Xiaoweis father.

"Xiaowei, do you know the biggest difference between a man and a woman?"

Feng Xiaowei shook her head.

"Women always remember the good side of men, but men tend to forget that of women. I believe that Zhanbei is truly in love with Lin Wanwan, but no one knows when that love would expire."

Feng Xiaowei finally understood her implication.