Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 997

Chapter 997 I Just Want To Tell Them That The Consequences Are The Same For Offending Either Of Us

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If it were in the past, she could wait for cracks to appear in this piece of true love. However, she didnt have the patience now.

Still, there was something that made her feel comforted. Fu Wanyi didnt approve of Lin Wanwan.

Fu Wanyi didnt care if she listened to her words and gave an order to send the guest away.

"Head back."

Feng Xiaowei didnt dare to insist on staying. She got up and said, "Ill come visit you again in a few days."

Once Feng Xiaowei left, silence was restored in the living room.

Fu Wanyis gaze landed on the dessert Lin Wanwan had sent over.

The small plate contained almost all of the famous desserts from the Beiping period. The process to create each of them was very cumbersome.

What was most rare was that the taste of these desserts didnt lose to Ai Ying at all. It could be seen how much effort the person who made these desserts had put in.

Fu Wanyi picked up another dessert. When the familiar sweet taste spread in her mouth, her eyes showed a slightly complicated expression.

In the car, Lu Zhanbei raised his eyebrow. "You have been acting in secret recently to learn how to make desserts from Auntie Ai?"

Lin Wanwan laughed. "Yes. Havent you heard of this saying? If a woman has seen all kinds of spectacular sights in this world, bring her to a carousel. Your mother is of such a high status. What kind of spectacular sight has she not seen before? This move of mine is called using feelings to touch someone!"

Lu Zhanbei seemed to be in deep thought. "Then what if a woman hasnt seen it all yet?"

"Then its to trick her to remove her clothes since shes so simple and innocent, of course!"



Lin Wanwan recalled Fu Wanyis look and couldnt help but lie in his arms happily.

There was often a trick in movies and TV dramas. The heroes who were hailed all over the world wouldnt kill soft-footed shrimps who admitted defeat when they were in danger as they felt that they wouldnt feel any sense of accomplishment.

She had used this same trick toward Fu Wanyi.

Lu Zhanbei touched her hair and suddenly said, "You dont have to tolerate anyone for me."

Lin Wanwan was free like the wind. She wouldnt waste her time on people who didnt matter to her. However, she was willing to think of ways to deal with his mother because of him.

Lin Wanwan yawned lazily. "Whod dare to anger me now? Unless they want to be swept out of the house by you."

Lu Zhanbei touched her face.

She was good at everything. However, she was too soft-hearted.

"I just want to tell them that the consequences are the same for offending either of us."

Lin Wanwan stared at his handsome features and thought the more she looked, the more handsome he became. She was about to lean over and give him a kiss of encouragement when Lu Zhanbei pushed her away in disdain.

"Before you dress normally again, dont stay too close to me. I dont have a special hobby."

Lin Wanwan touched her hair, which was tied into a bun, and laughed.

When she returned to the Yun Mansion, she received a short message.

Shen Zhiyi: "Whats the situation?"

Lin Wanwan: "Congratulations to player Lin Wanwan for successfully achieving a score of 1/100 in overthrowing the future female president."

Shen Zhiyi: "The progress is only 1/100?"

Lin Wanwan felt that she was really underestimating things.

Based on her identity as the daughter of Yu Yun, trying to get into Fu Wanyis good books was even harder than going to heaven.

At this moment, Lu Zhanbei walked over after receiving a call and shared some good news.

"The production team for A Good Nights Sleep has been found. The directors Tan Zhiyue. Both of you are already familiar with each other. As for the cast, you can discuss it with him."

"Thats great!" Lin Wanwans mind began to spin quickly.

Fu Ya was very suitable to play the role of Dong Xiaowan, one of the eight famous prostitutes.

As for the male lead, Luo Han was pretty good.

Lin Wanwan was about to ask Luo Han about his schedule when Lu Zhanbei added coldly, "No to Luo Han."