Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 998

Chapter 998 Are You Sure Youre Going To Leave Before Feeding Me?

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"Im the investor. I have the final say."

This reason was too simple and rude. Lin Wanwan couldnt rebut; thus, she handed over the matter of finding cast members to Tan Zhiyue.

This was because she was going to be out of the country soon to attend a modeling show. This was what she promised Robert earlier.

The night before she left, Lin Wanwan climbed on the bed and Lu Zhanbei leaned over.

"I have a flight to catch tomorrow. Stop it."

"Do you know what happens after a man has been hungry for a long time?"


"A hungry man isnt picky."

Lu Zhanbeis slightly cold fingertips traced down her chest line. His voice became more charming as it was slightly hoarse.

"Are you sure youre going to leave before feeding me?"

Lin Wanwan was speechless for a while. Then, she said, "The problem is that you wont be full!"

Lu Zhanbei said in a perplexed tone, "How would you know if you didnt try? Anyway, you can catch up on sleep tomorrow on the plane. Its fine to be tired tonight. Or are you not confident of your own physical strength?"

Lin Wanwan thought for a while. "Then I want to be on top."

She had wanted to suppress Lu Zhanbei for a very long time.


Lin Wanwan rubbed her palms. Then, thinking of how she was going to squeeze Lu Zhanbei dry, she rode him.

It was a pity that the idea was rich but the reality was otherwise.

An unknown time later, Lin Wanwans weak voice sounded.

"Are you full yet?"


Another hour passed.

"Still hungry?"

"Very hungry."

She knew that this hooligan wouldnt become full!

She was to be blamed for her stupidity and for falling for his method of provocation.

Lin Wanwan was tormented for the entire night and had to get off bed at 8 am to catch a plane.

She dragged her feet, which were as heavy as lead, to brush her teeth and wash her face. Without looking at the man who was leaning against the head of the bed lazily, she pulled her suitcase and left. Her childish behavior made Lu Zhanbei happy.

Lin Wanwan let Gu Mo send her to the winery. After chatting with Si Han, they fetched and ferried Liu Zilin to the airport as well.

After reaching the airport, both of them changed their boarding passes and boarded the plane heading toward Country M.

Liu Zilin saw that Lin Wanwan looked haggard and asked in a worried tone, "Are you feeling unwell?"

Lin Wanwan was too embarrassed to say that she and Lu Zhanbei had been having sex all night long.

"Yes. Im a little airsick."

"Ill get you a cup of water. Youll feel better after drinking it."


Lin Wanwan initially wanted to take a nap. However, Liu Zilin was like a busy bee. One moment, she was serving her water. The next moment, she was covering her with a blanket. She was so considerate that it made her feel helpless.

"Zilin, you dont have to treat me as a benefactor."

Liu Zilin bit her lip. "Am I not doing a good job?"

She just wanted to help her as much as she could.

Lin Wanwan patted her shoulder. "Were friends."

Liu Zilin lowered her head, her eyes slightly red.

Lin Wanwan muttered to herself, "How about this? When you have nothing to do, you can learn more about management. Im going to set up a personal studio sooner or later. I hope you can assist Si Han, and the heavy work such as managing artistes might have to be passed on to you."

Liu Zilin trembled in her heart. "Can I do it?"

Lin Wanwan pulled down her blindfold. "Zilin, I prefer the old you."

Although she was willful and arrogant, she dared to love and hate and was full of self-confidence.

Liu Zilin clenched her fists. "Ok. Ill definitely not disappoint you!"

When Lin Wanwan woke up, the plane had landed.

After leaving the airport, they met with the people Robert had sent over.

The two of them were arranged to stay at a five-star hotel near the modeling show venue. Lin Wanwan took a short break and was later brought to the modeling show.