Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 999

Chapter 999 Meeting An Unlucky Star Again

As Robert was considered the Caesar Emperor in the fashion industry, the modeling show that he had organized naturally attracted worldwide attention.

Media from all countries swarmed up like bees. Each invited model had a high international reputation. Of them, 95% were European and American beauties with blond hair, big eyes, and long legs.

At the backstage.

"Ms. Lin, please rest for a while. Ill arrange for the stylist to come over later."


Lin Wanwans Asian face had attracted the attention of a few supermodels.

"Lin Wanwan!"

A familiar voice bearing evil intentions traveled over. Lin Wanwan looked up and smiled.

"Ms. Vivian, I havent seen you in a while."

Vivian should have just stepped down from the runway. She looked cold and said mockingly, "Youre not from the modeling circle. How did you get in?"

"Someone invited me, of course."

Vivian walked closer. "So you entered via the back door. This is a big international show. Even if youre qualified to go on stage, youre just seeking popularity by doing something sensational!"

At this moment, a model with curly golden hair walked over. "Vivian, this is the person from Xia country who defeated you?"

Vivians face became extremely ugly, and she nodded reluctantly.

"She was just lucky the other time."

The media had spread wide the news of her being defeated by Lin Wanwan, causing her to be ridiculed by many people in the same industry.

Upon hearing this, the rest of the models who were waiting to get on the runway crowded over. They sized Lin Wanwan up with a look of disdain.

"Vivian, youre so useless. A supermodel actually lost to an Asian shorty? You have thrown all our faces!"

"How ridiculous. I feel uncomfortable looking at her skin color. On what basis did she join the show organized by Robert? Thats really degrading to us."

"Vivian already said that this woman won by luck. Who knows what kind of indecent methods she used this time to be here?!"

Lin Wanwan looked calm. When dealing with this kind of people who pretended to be glib, the best way to crush them was to use her own ability.

Vivian listened to these criticisms, and the anger in her heart dissipated by quite a bit. She was about to add fuel to the oil when a high-pitched voice traveled over suddenly.

"Mr. Roberts here!"

In an instant, all the commotion subsided.

The models whod put on mean looks previously started to organize their hair and clothes tacitly. They wanted to present their best side to Robert.

However, Vivian moved her eyes and raised her voice to say, "Did you know that Robert and I have some relationship? He was also the one who personally invited me to attend this modeling show. If you want to know him, I dont mind recommending you."

Upon hearing this, most people were in doubt.

If Vivian really had some sort of relationship with Robert, why didnt Robert vote for her during her showdown with Lin Wanwan back then?

Vivian saw their questioning gazes and smiled with confidence.

"Ill go say hello to Mr. Robert."

She messed up her hair flirtatiously. As she passed by Lin Wanwan, she stopped in her tracks.

"Lin Wanwan, the reason you could win against me previously was purely because Mr. Robert was in Xia country and didnt want you to lose too badly. His comments for you were just insincere remarks. I hope youre not so naive as to treat them as real. After all, he has probably forgotten who you are by now."

This was what her companys boss had told her personally. Vivian believed them without a doubt.

Lin Wanwan shrugged her shoulders, indifferent. She saw Vivian heading toward Robert.

Without waiting for her to come closer, Robert suddenly looked over and a smile appeared on his stern face. He strode toward Vivian.

Vivian felt happy, and the smugness in her eyes became more obvious.