Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 102

Chapter 102: Get Back 500 Million Projects

I looked at the bright and clean bedroom, "I have been arranged by my mother to live in the utility room on the first floor for seven years. He also told me that I was a lie... Why didn't you say that you temporarily arranged my room here in order to deceive the commander! Second sister, your ability to beat a rake is really amazing!"

"Ouch! Fang Xinxin, how can you be full of lies!" Fang Lilan wailed from outside the door, and after a few seconds, she walked into the room with Long Shuhai's help.

"Mom, aren't you in the hospital? Why are you back?" Fang Manxue hurriedly walked over, "Are you all right."

I glanced at my mother's hand with a piece of gauze wrapped around her hand, and the head looked undamaged, and asked questioningly, "The commander didn't reward you a bottle of red wine. Why did it hurt your hand, not your head?"

"I'll talk about this in a while." Fang Lilan felt that now the key is to get back the five hundred million project that was stopped.

Since this project was terminated because Bai Qinghao was dissatisfied with Fang's other party Xinxin's poor food and accommodation, as long as it proves that there is no such thing, the project can come back.

Lilan said sadly, "Xinxin, you have always lived in this room, and you have been living in the utility room where I arranged you for seven years. I have treated you so well, how can you even wronged your mother?"

Long Shuhai also said angrily, "Commander, I can testify that Fang Xinxin has always lived in this room at Fang's house. You haven't been to Fang's house before. I believe you know Xinxin's room."

In fact, every time the commander came, he and Lilan would arrange what the servant should say, making Bai Qinghao think that Fang Xinxin was living in the guest room on the second floor.

In front, Xinxin always avoided seeing the commander, or yelled and didn't live in harmony for a minute.

The commander had never visited Fang Xinxin's bedroom.

Therefore, Long Shuhai has no pressure when talking about lies.

"Commander, if you don't believe me, you can grab a servant from Fang's house and ask, in which room my third sister lives." Fang Manxue made up the knife.

Fang Xinxin sneered, "Second uncle testified and asked the servant? You are all connected together, the servant dare not listen to your orders to help lie?"

Fang Lilan said displeased, "Who is so angry? I'm your real mother. Will it hurt you?"

"Didn't you just pit me with Bai Chenxi?"

"All said, I was misled by Bai Chenxi." Fang Lilan sullenly.

"Don't talk about the ones that are not there." Fang Manxue opened the door of the closet and showed it to the cold-faced Bai Qinghao, "Commander, look, there are a lot of clothes in the cabinet."

Pick up one casually, "These clothes are of the size Xinxin usually wears. Look at this one in my hand. I didn't pick up the tag. It was worth 10,000 yuan. How much is such a big pile. Sanmei There is also the face that the Fang family treats her room and board badly."

In order to get back the five hundred million yuan contract that Fang's had been suspended, he also laid down some capital.

I spent 10,000 yuan to buy a new brand-name dress worn by the fat lady, and put it on the top, just to show it to the commander.

The rest of the clothes were all twenty yuan a piece, and they were piled up by the servants at the flea market or street stall.

I believe the commander will not go through them one by one.

"Look, here are the shoes that Xinxin usually wears, and there are so many." Fang Lilan opened the shoe cabinet by the door and displayed more than ten pairs of old and new shoes.