Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 105

Chapter 105:

"I always do it for you, the cosmetics I bought for you are new..." Fang Manxue quickly opened a drawer of cosmetics.

Fang Xinxin pointed to her face, "A face full of acne, can I apply makeup, can I use makeup? Don't you know, I basically don't use makeup."

At most, the weather is dry, so apply a little moisturizer.

Also, before meeting Bai Chenxi, he would put on makeup in order to let Bai Chenxi see her beautiful side.

Although, she will be even uglier with makeup on her face.

"My only set of chemicals, earned from a part-time job, used it for three years, and it has bottomed out." Fang Xinxin took out an empty makeup powder box and an empty liquid foundation from the lower drawer, "It has been used up. ."

"You can't use the newly bought cosmetics for you, but this is what I bought for you!" Fang Manxue insisted, "I do it for your own good."

For her good, in the past three years, she has added allergic ingredients to her only cosmetics! Fang Xinxin was furious when she thought of it.

There is currently no evidence for this, Fang Manxue certainly cannot watch her acne disappear, and she will definitely start again.

Then, when the time comes, just take a case!

Fang Xinxin decided to deal with the'high-end food and lodging provided by the Fang family' first, "Just as if you are going to give me cosmetics now. If you are really good for me, give me six yuan, a powder cake, and eight yuan a bottle of liquid foundation. , Three dollars of eye shadow, two dollars of mascara, one eyeliner... it looks like a drawer is full, I dont know if it adds up to 100 dollars!"

"You are talking nonsense!" Fang Manxue became more and more alarmed when he heard it, but he sternly rebuked, "I bought this for tens of thousands of dollars!"

Anyway, Fang Xinxin, a poor bun, can't afford cosmetics, and doesn't know the price. You can break it whatever you like.

"Really many tens of thousands?" Fang Xinxin asked Bingsheng.

"Of course it's true. When did the second sister lie to you!" Fang Manxue was about to swear.

In her previous life, Fang Xinxin was moved by the arrangement of buying her accommodation, clothes, and cosmetics so high-end in her family.

At that time, she didn't expose the lies of her family. Not only did they get back a 500 million project from Bai Qinghao, but they also received another 30 million fund rewarded by Bai Qinghao.

The reason why Bai Qinghao did this was to allow the Fang family to treat her well.

As a result, when Bai Qinghao left, the white-eyed wolves of the Fang family arranged her to live in the utility room on the first floor.

She was thinking, at least, the second sister really bought her expensive cosmetics, and her mother bought her a lot of good clothes...

Unexpectedly, after carefully cleaning up the clothes, a lot of clothes turned out to be rubbish. Not to mention the poor quality, none of them fit.

I accidentally heard Fangs servant laugh at her behind her back. This pile of junk clothes was bought by the servant at thrift markets and street stalls, and the cosmetics bought by Miss Er was a cheap price of 99 yuan from a shopping site. Deal with outdated cosmetics that are about to expire.

The servant also laughed at her, treating these **** that they even looked down upon as treasure.

She still clearly remembered that at that time, she was hiding her red eyes by herself, and wanted to go to Bai Qinghao to report the despicability of Fang's family, but...

Too much affection.

The person in her heart is Bai Chenxi, and she has no face to see Bai Qinghao.

Dark loss, she swallowed it alone again.

The same loss, how would she eat Fang Xinxin again!

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