Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 109

Chapter 109: Qinghao Loves Her 1

Besides, the position of the commander's wife sooner or later belongs to her daughter Manxue, and it is not borrowed from Xinxin's light. This fool dare to clamor.

"Yes!" Long Shuhai also echoed, "Bai Qinghao's net worth is counted in hundreds of billions, and his name is group industry, involving all walks of life, there are too many to list, he can make millions every minute. Helping Fang Fang How can he care about such a small family? If he cares, it won't be Bai Qinghao's spirit!"

"I'm returning to wear a high hat for Bai Qinghao..." Fang Xinxin snorted coldly, "This is not a question of money at all, just for you, even if Bai Qinghao wants to give money, he would rather give it to beggars than it would be cheaper for you!"

Fang Lilan trembled with anger, stretched out her uninjured right index finger and pointed at Fang Xinxin, "You...you..."

Long Shuhai hurriedly said, "Fang Xinxin, you are not Bai Qinghao. You, an outsider, can't control how his money is spent!"

"Outsider?" Bai Qinghao was so angry that his face was almost cracked, and he declared his sovereignty clearly, "Fang Xinxin is my woman, my fiancee! The money I gave to Fang's family before was all for Fang Xinxin's share. Come on. Of course, you outsiders can't ask for charity."

Fang Lilan seemed to see the inexhaustible and inexhaustible renminbi flying so much, her heartache was almost unsteady.

Long Shuhai hurriedly helped her, "Sister-in-law, pay attention to your body."

Fang Manxue scolded her with a stinky expression, "Sister, let's see how angry you are with your mother! Working against the mother who gave birth to you and raised you is simply too uneducated!" Sneaking at Bai Qinghao, hoping to see it in his eyes To the disgust of the other party Xinxin.

After all, a man who is so honorable in his capacity would not like an uncultivated woman.

Unexpectedly, Bai Qinghaowei's eyes did flash with disgust, but the disgust was directed at her Fang Manxue, mother Lilan, and second uncle Long Shuhai.

Man Xue was startled.

A cold light in Bai Qinghao's eyes shot towards Fang Manxue, "Xin Xin is my woman, it is not your turn to comment on whether she has education!"

"I..." Fang Manxue wanted to say that her elder sister had the right to teach her younger sister. It seemed that her whole body was shot through by his sharp eyes, and she was so afraid that she lost her voice.

Suddenly didn't dare to speak ill of Fang Xinxin again.

"Commander, don't stick to Xinxin too much. Although we are also at fault, Xinxin has you as a backer. Just now, she actually called our close relatives leeches, and I am afraid that it will be even more lawless in the future." Fang Lilan said to Fang Xinxin. Kind look.

Bai Qinghao was indifferent, domineering, "My Bai Qinghao's woman, even if it is lawless, I will do it!"

His icy voice has an invisible coercion, and everyone dare not speak again.

Fang Manxue was so jealous that her beautiful face was almost ugly and deformed, and her fingers were tightly grasping the skirt to prevent the jealousy from being controlled.

Fang Xinxin is an idiot, fat and ugly, so why enjoy Bai Qinghao's favor? This honor is Fang Manxue's!

An undisguised move lingered above Xinxin's moist eyes.

She looked at Bai Qinghao with a touch of emotion, but found that he was staring at herself distressedly.

Bai Qinghao is really heartbroken by Fang Xinxin.

He had never known before that Fang Xinxin's so-called relatives had such a face!

All of them unite to bully and wrong her.