Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 111

Chapter 111: I Love You

Caught by his backhand with his big palm, his broad and firm palm instead held her small hand, and he muttered, "You said no, your face is red."

"My skin is so dark, you can see the blush." She mentioned that she was as black as an African skin, and she wanted to apply a layer of white wall paint to her face! See if I can come back in no time.

He raised his other hand, and gently stroked her cheek with pity, "You're almost peeling off the sun, in the future...you don't deliberately expose yourself to black in order to hide from me." He remembered her little one. At that time, the skin is actually very fair.

Her heart ached, "You know that my skin is tanned... and you know that I am trying to hide from you..."

"Yeah." He nodded with a bit of anguish, "If you really don't want to see me in the future, then tell me. I...try not to appear in front of you."

God knows such a promise, how hard it took him to say it.

Not seeing her every day will only deepen his miss for her.

Every time I want to see her and can't, it will only anger him and drive him crazy.

He was afraid that he could not do it even if he promised not to show up in front of her.

She touched his lips with a finger and said anxiously, "No! I want to see you all the time!"

His deep and cold eyes were filled with surprise, and he asked dumbly, "Really?"

"Really!" She nodded vigorously.

In this life, she really didn't want to be separated from him for a moment.

He suddenly hugged her into his arms, and slammed her in his iron arms, so strong that he seemed to want to melt her into his bones, "Fang Xinxin, you are like this, making me think that you love me of!"

I love you!

She screamed frantically in her heart.

Unfortunately, she won't tell him now.

Whether it was in the previous life or now, she and him are all different.

He is a cloud in the sky, and she is a mound of mud on the ground.

Not only is the world's vision, even if it is reality, she is completely unworthy of him.

Because I love you so much.

My male god, so I can't bear to wrong you.

I will always be by your side, and when I work hard to grow to the day I can truly be worthy of you, I will tell you in person-I love you.

What's more, in the past and present, although she can deeply feel Bai Qinghao's love for her from behavior, he has never personally said that he loves her.

Even before she died in her previous life, what he said was to keep her alive.

He is such a hard-hearted man!

His love is action, care and love, and silence.

He, who is not good at words, may never bother to speak out.

In her previous life, she repeatedly angered him, which also led to his domineering ban and strong possession of her.

She was resentful when she lost her freedom.

Hateful, she and him in the previous life, husband and wife for ten years, the two went farther and farther on the road of opposites.

Never again! She was sorely hugged by his excessively imprisoned strength.

She would resist hate in her previous life, but now she has only one thousand and ten thousand willing.

Hugging his sturdy waist back, she put her hands on his back, fu and mo, whispering his name, "Bai Qinghao..."

He stiffened.

She once hated him so much, she took the initiative to hug him back!

"Fang Xinxin, do you know what you are doing?" He was emotional, with a hint of desire and hope in his voice.

She pressed her small face to his flat chest, "I don't know..."