Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 112

Chapter 112: Excuse Good Things

She didn't admit that she was seduce him.

Best, he will stay in her room tonight.

She can roll on the bed with him and have a casual sex!

He tightly confined her around her, sighed, and his tone was very painful, "Fang Xinxin, these years, you have had a bad life."

"It doesn't matter if you are distressed, no matter how bad your life is."

"Silly girl!" He pressed a deep kiss on her lips, his eyes full of self-blame, "Your family treats you so harshly, and I don't know it! It's my fianc who neglected his duty!"

She leaned her head on his shoulder, "It's none of your business, you have done a good job."

Everything was what she used to love Bai Chenxi wrong, she was blinded by her family.

As for the Fang family's awful things, don't know if they are her family members?

He was heartache again, and he gritted his teeth and swore, "In the future, I will not let you suffer any more harm!"

"Bai Qinghao, it's great to be your fiancee." She smiled contentedly.

"I know well, you are not allowed to run away in the future." Seeing her laughter, although she has acne on her face, she is very fat.

Inexplicably, he felt, how pleasing to the eye.

"Yeah." She nodded hard.

He encircled her waist with one hand, raised her chin with the other, stared at her without any powder makeup, but with a lustrous lip, and a thirst in his throat.

A burning desire. Wang soared from his lower abdomen.

He, who has always had no interest in women, touches her body and can always arouse his desire easily.

Just about to kiss her delicate crimson lips, Long Shuhai suddenly appeared outside the door of the room that was not closed, and shouted, "Commander!"

Bai Qinghao was interrupted by the good thing that Xinxin was about to do, and his sharp, unpleasant gaze shot over, "Whats the matter?"

Long Shuhai's legs trembled and he was so scared to death, he still bit his head and asked, "I just want to ask, arrange your guard and driver to live in those guest rooms on the second floor at the corner, do you think it's okay?"


"Okay, I'll arrange it."

"Close the door."

"Yes." Long Shuhai brought up the door and turned to leave.

Bai Qinghao finally kissed the long-awaited red lips, and his tongue rushed into Fang Xinxin's neat white teeth for fragrance.

Of course Fang Xinxin put his hands around his neck and actively cooperated.

Within two minutes, the knock on the door sounded again.

Bai Qinghao ignored it, but the more he knocked on the door, the louder and louder he knocked.

"Commander, Commander, are you inside?" Fang Manxue's voice called from outside the door.

Fang Xinxin pushed Bai Qinghao away a bit, gagged with his tongue, slurred and said, "Um... don't kiss first, the knock on the door is too noisy."

Bai Qinghao had to pause the kiss, walked to the door in two steps with Fang Xinxin in one hand, opened the door with the other, and said angrily, "What's the matter with you?"

Fang Manxue held a tray in her hand. On the tray were a glass of milk, a fried steak, and a bowl of French noodles. "The commander hasnt had a late night snack. Its two or three in the middle of the night. You must be hungry. I I personally made you a supper..."

"No need!" Bai Qinghao was repeatedly disturbed by "good things", his face was almost smokey.

Fang Manxue knew from Long Shuhai that Fang Xinxin was kissing Bai Qinghao in the room, so angry that she almost wanted to slap a fat idiot.

The man who dared to seduce her Fang Manxue!

It just couldn't be done in front of Bai Qinghao, lest the Fang Group suffer even greater disaster.

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