Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 119

Chapter 119: Her Mind

So Lilan said lovingly, "Xinxin, you have to believe that mom is really thinking about your reputation. How can you be willing to lock you? Isn't Mom staying with you in the room?"

"Alright." She patted the back of Fang Xinxin's hand, "It's really too late. Mom's good daughter, go to bed. You go to bed first, and Mom will go to bed after taking a shower."

How can Fang Xinxin believe that Fang Lilan is good for her.

Staring at the figure of her mother entering the bathroom, she walked gently to the outside of the bathroom. Across the door, she heard Fang Lilan turn on the tap in the bathroom and deliberately pressed her voice to make a call.

"Man Xue, Xin Xin has been locked in the room by me, and I am also looking at her in the room to make sure that she will not go out in the middle of the night to make trouble for you. Fang Xinxin has seduced Bai Qinghao halfway through, apparently already lit up.' Fire', Commander White needs a woman to put out the fire. The rest is up to you."

No matter how small Fang Lilan's voice was, Fang Xinxin was attentive with her special ability and heard clearly.

Hmph, my mother also said that she was a student, and for the sake of her reputation, she wouldn't let her sleep with Bai Qinghao, so she asked her to go to Bai Qinghao when she turned around!

The second sister is also one year older than her. Not only is she a student, she is also a classmate with her!

This is her good mother, eccentric to Pi's eyes.

She increasingly doubted, is it really her mother?

The experience in the previous life was too miserable, although Fang Xinxin had no sense of security in her heart even though she relived her life.

This man Bai Qinghao is too good, handsome and invincible, and his status and status are respected like an emperor.

Too many women want to climb into his bed.

She was so fat and ugly now, it was really hard to believe that he would reject all women for her.

The second sister Fang Manxue's figure and face are a first-class beauty.

Tonight, Bai Qinghao was also arranged to live in Fang Manxue's room.

She wanted to see how Fang Manxue seduce Bai Qinghao?

When Fang Lilan came out of the bathroom, Fang Xinxin looked at Fang Lilan's eyes with a wink.

Unprepared for a while, Fang Lilan, who was looking straight at her, immediately got blindfolded.

"Mom, I'm sleeping, don't bother me." Fang Xinxin said in her ear, "I will always sleep on the bed, and you will sleep on the bed."

"Okay, I'm going to sleep." Fang Lilan went to the bed and lifted the quilt and lay down. In her consciousness, Fang Xinxin had been lying on the side.

Fang Xinxin walked to the bedroom door, listened to the movement outside, made sure there was no one in the corridor, and used the special function to pass through the wall and out of the bedroom.

The best bedroom in Fang Manxues room is Fang Manxues room...

Fang Xinxin depends on how Fang Manxue seduce Bai Qinghao, so he can go to Fang Manxue's bedroom in the first room on the third floor.

When passing by one of the rooms on the second floor, from the hidden door, Fang Manxue was seen sitting in front of the dressing table putting on makeup.

Seeing that she had already made up her whole face glamorously, she finally traced her eyebrows carefully.

Except for the bedroom on the third floor, this room is also specially used for Fang Manxue's clothes and cosmetics. Her treatment at home is the best.

She Fang Xinxin don't talk about such a special room for clothes, but the utility room lives for seven years.

Only moved to a normal guest room tonight.

The treatment is really different.

Fang Manxue stood up from the comb platform and walked to the full-length mirror to look in the mirror.

She is wearing a white dress. The card waist design outlines her small waist. The chest support V-neck design makes her chest look very material.

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