Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 121

Chapter 121: Confessed The Wrong Person

Fang Xinxin stood outside the concealed room door, thinking, with Bai Qinghao's alertness, Fang Manxue opened the door with the key. It was impossible for him to fail to notice such a clumsy behavior.

You know, Bai Qinghao is the youngest commander in the country, with outstanding military service and Ji Biaoxun. His agility in action, skill and hearing is beyond the reach of even a well-trained person.

For ordinary people, he is really the existence of God of War!

Thinking of Bai Qinghao's desire for him before, with his cleverness, since he lives in Fang Manxue's room, plus Manxue's words like "only for him to enjoy" when he sent him a supper.

Bai Qinghao definitely guessed that Fang Manxue would come to'send the flesh' body.

He didn't say anything, so Fang Manxue climbed onto his bed so easily?

A beauty like the second sister, who voluntarily puts it to bed, as long as it is a man, who can resist it?

If Bai Qinghao really dared to do something with the second sister... Fang Xinxin glanced at the luxurious crystal chandelier from the vacant door to the ceiling of the room...

She can guarantee that the man Fang Xinxin has used is not cheap Fang Manxue!

Surely when the pair of dog men and women take off their clothes and linger, she will urge her mind to smash down the crystal chandelier and kill the dog men and women on the bed, making them sleek and eye-catching.


Tomorrow there will be a wonderful news headline that will leave these loving two in history.

Fang Xinxin thought about it angrily, his eyes fell on the bulge of the big bed again.

There must be a tall man sleeping on the bed, is it possible...

From where she stood, the man's face could not be seen.

And the man's quilt was pulled too high, and she only saw a little black hair.

Fang Manxue lay down in the bed again, and she could not see clearly.

So, in order to see clearly, Fang Xinxin walked into the room quietly.

Fang Manxue finally climbed onto Bai Qinghao's bed, lying behind him in the same bed as him, she was very excited.

If Bai Qinghao touched her body, then, spread it out tomorrow, everyone would think that Bai Qinghao took the initiative to ask her instead of deliberately seduce her.

She would definitely let Bai Qinghao be responsible.

Even if Bai Qinghao can really hold back not touching her tonight, he is sleeping in her room now.

When a man comes to a woman's boudoir to sleep with her, she has to insist that he is taking advantage of her, and she will definitely make the outside world go viral.

With Bai Qinghao's status, he still cares more or less about the pressure of public opinion.

She even forced Bai Qinghao to marry her!

In short, when he enters this room, don't want to break away from her!

Best, he willingly asked for her body, and then announced that he had dumped Fang Xinxin's ugly man.

This saves trouble.

Fang Manxue made some calculations in her heart, the abacus beads jingled, she reached out and touched the man's arm.

Very strong arms...

It feels like the kind of young man who exercises all the year round through the layers of pajamas.

Legend has it that no one can touch Bai Qinghao's body.

Fang Manxue felt a trace of pride in her heart.

Look, she just hit it, she hasn't been thrown away.

This **** said that Qinghao is also interesting to her!

Before she seduce Bai Qinghao so much, he always pretended to be indifferent.

It now seems that it is because of my inconsistency that I should not express interest in Bai Qinghao in front of others.