Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 122

Chapter 122:

With his status and status, after all, he is still her sister's fianc, so he still has a face.

It should be love with him in private.

Why Bai Qinghao is not close to female, even Fang Xinxin's ugly person, he sleeps.

She Fang Manxue is of first-rate figure and looks, and it is strange that he will not be tempted to throw Fang Xinxin Eighteenth Street.

She felt the male body under her fingers tremble obviously with the touch of her hand.

He is not asleep yet!

He did not object to her touch.

Give her further encouragement.

With a successful smile at the corners of his lips, Fang Manxue simply wrapped his arms around his body from behind, and his chest was attached to his back.

In the darkness, the man's whole body became tense and stiff.

Even if the woman held him, her chest was still rubbing against his back.

"Commander... Manxue loves you and has admired you since childhood..." Fang Manxue uttered softly, and said in a low voice, "But, you are Xinxin's fiance, I can only look at you from a distance. I am early I just love you crazy and cant live without you. I really cant hide my love for you anymore."

Fang Xinxin stood invisible by the bed a step away, looking at the two people close to each other in the bed, and listening to Fang Manxue's expression of love.

Although she couldn't see her fingers and were too close, she could still see the man's face on the bed, and a playful smile curled her lips.

The second sister is pretty!

The man's breathing became heavy, and he seemed a little disturbed to hear the gasp.

Fang Manxue continued, "So, Commander, don't you refuse me, okay?"

She also put her head on the back of his head.

Seeing that he still doesn't push himself away, it shows that he also has her in his heart!

"Good night is short, Manxue will definitely wait for you tonight!" Manxue raised her chest with pride, she pulled his body, straddled him, and kissed him on the cheek.

His breathing is heavy.

She clearly felt his desire to be provoked by her.

I wonder why he doesn't say anything?

Moreover, he hasn't pushed back, and she has also raised doubts, because it is so easy to take down Bai Qinghao, it seems too simple and abnormal?

She couldn't see clearly in the dark, she put her hands on his face and fumbled carefully, feeling that the contour shape under her finger was not right with the shape of Bai Qinghao's face she saw.

She immediately raised her hand and turned on the bedside lamp, and the room instantly brightened.

Seeing the face of the man under him clearly, Fang Manxue screamed, "Ah!"

The scream was short, she immediately thought of something, and immediately covered her mouth.

She turned over and got out of bed within half a second, too fast, and almost hit Fang Xinxin, who was standing invisible by the bed.

Fortunately, Fang Xinxin moved a step to the side and flashed so fast that she didn't crash into a pile.

Fang Manxue stood on the side of the bed in shock, staring at the man on the bed, and snarled in disbelief, "Why are you! Why not Bai Qinghao!"

The driver Li Bingpan looked innocent, "Why can't it be me?"

"This room is clearly arranged for Bai Qinghao to sleep!" She snapped.

"I know, your boudoir is the most luxurious bedroom in the Fang family." Li Bingpan said, "Are you mentally retarded? If you arrange for the commander to sleep here, he will sleep here?"

"He didn't refuse..."

"But he never agreed."

"I don't care, your little driver has occupied the commander's sleeping quarters, and you are suspected of taking it!"

"Miss Fang Er still knows quite a lot." Li Bingpan got up altogether, "However, the commander let me sleep here. Your so-called tampering does not exist."