Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 127

Chapter 127: Substitution


She must have seen her lipstick faded, guessed it.

Man Xue quickly wiped off the lipstick from her lips with a tissue, and said calmly, "Except for Bai Qinghao, how could I kiss other men."

"Then why do you have other men's lipstick marks on your face?"

Fang Manxue was taken aback, rubbed a reflexively on her face, and then thought that Li Bingpan didn't put on lipstick at all, "Fang Xinxin, are you playing with me?

"Oh, the second sister is guilty?" Fang Xinxin chuckled softly, covering her lips.

Fang Manxue snorted coldly, "Who has a guilty conscience? Anyway, the commander knows that I only have him in my heart, and my body is only for him! Go to the commander to provoke the discord with a bad mouth!"

"Then your Fang Manxue's mouth doesn't know how many times it should be rotten!"

"Fang Xinxin!" Fang Manxue roared, and angrily entered the next room.

She doesn't bother to live in the guest room on the second floor. Although the decoration of the guest room is quite good, it is far from the master bedroom on the third floor.

But her master bedroom was occupied by the driver Li Bingpan, and wanted to take him out. He was temporarily moved by Bai Qinghao's order, and she couldn't drive people away.

She wanted to live next door to the commander, but unfortunately, she was filled with other guards beside the commander.

Then live next door to Fang Xinxin and look at Fang Xinxin.

Secondly, it was also closer to the commanders room.

and many more

Fang Manxue stepped into the next room and suddenly backed out, staring at Fang Xinxin incredulously, "Aren't you locked in the room? Why did you come out!"

Fang Xinxin didn't want her to know that she had supernatural powers, she threw a bunch of keys up and down to play with, "What's the use of a servant locking my door from the outside? You want my mom to watch me in the same room as me. Mom. Didn't she have the key to the door? I took the key while she was asleep and opened the door from inside."

The door lock is the kind that can be opened with a key inside and outside.

"You..." Fang Manxue didn't doubt her words, "You got on the bar with me! Are you worthy?"

"Stupid B." Fang Xinxin threw two words to her and walked into the corridor.

Fang Manxue glared at her back and shouted, "Fang Xinxin, you ugly fat girl!"

Fang Xinxin turned a deaf ear to her ears. After a while, she would restore her prosperous beauty. Don't scare her eyes off Fang Manxue by then!

Man Xue watched the fat ugly girl turn a corner at the end of the corridor and walked there. Isn't it the room where Bai Qinghao is sleeping now? Hurriedly ran to Fang Xinxin in two steps and stopped her, "Fang Xinxin, it's already five in the morning, do you want to disturb the commander?"

"What does it have to do with you?" Fang Xinxin was too lazy to look at her straight.

Fang Manxue didn't fight, "You really want to find Bai Qinghao!"

"Didn't you also go to him just now?" Fang Xinxin sneered, "Just allow your state official to set fire, and not allow my people to light up?"

Well, in this home, she had been bullied by Fang Manxue for too many years. It's time to turn over!

Fang Manxue seemed to think of something, and suddenly stepped aside, "Go ahead, the guards will stop you anyway. Bai Qinghao will reward you with the word'get out'! Don't blame your second sister, I didn't kindly remind you. I just woke up. Commander, listening to his voice is already very displeased. If you go to him at this time, he might get angry and shoot you!"

I thought that intimidation would scare Fang Xinxin, but Fang Xinxin just curled her lips in disdain, and walked outside the guest room where Bai Qinghao slept.