Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 130

Chapter 130: The Origin Of The Marriage

She raised her hand and pinched his arm fiercely, "Then you kill. Dare to threaten your ancestor..." Grandma glanced at his murderous eyes and swallowed abruptly.

Pulling hair from a tiger's mouth is not easy.

She dared to pack a ticket, if she dared to call herself his grandma, he would have to open her ass.

She changed her way of saying, "Dare to threaten your ancestor's wife who booked for you, are you afraid that your deceased grandma will jump out of the grave and beat you?"

Speaking of her marriage to Bai Qinghao...

The Bai family is not only a three-generation red door, it is a top-notch businessman, and it is powerful and powerful.

Before the Fang family married with the Bai family, it was nothing more than an ordinary enterprise. In the past few years, the Fang family picked up countless projects from Bai Qinghao before being promoted to the upper middle class. It was a big difference with the Bai family. Farewell.

According to the family background, it is impossible for the Bai family to marry the Fang family.

Because her father Long Yifan once rescued Bai Qinghaos late grandma Qin Hefang, Bais grandma was grateful when she was alive, and, at the time, she was also very close to Bais grandma, so she agreed with her. Qinghao's marriage.

With the death of the white grandmother Qin Hefang, the Bai family has always said nothing. Although many people know that she likes Bai Chenxi, her marriage contract with Bai Qinghao has become an unshakable existence.

Sometimes, she didn't even think about it.

No matter what the previous life, Bai Qinghao insisted on marrying her, was it just because he had her in his heart, or because it was his grandma's last words?

She actually didn't want to ask this question, for fear that he would give her an answer that disappointed her.

Before Bai Qinghao took the initiative to say that she loved her, she didn't ask for it.

"My grandma won't beat me." Bai Qinghao also seemed to think of the deceased white grandma, Xi Rui's eyes flashed a longing, "In the eyes of her old man, whatever I do is right."

"Do you miss your grandma?" she asked caringly.

"Don't mention her." He didn't like the thought to be manipulated by any emotions, and said blankly, "Fang Xinxin, don't change the subject for me, I will really kill you!"

Go to **** with you again!

She shrugged indifferently, "Didn't I say, kill if you want, this lady is not threatened."

His eyes were as icy as the frost of the twelfth lunar month of winter, and she was shocked by the cold with just one glance, "You mean, you will change back to the past?"

"What do you say!" Her temper also came up, and he didn't trust her so much.

Thinking that she did not have anything to be trusted before.

I had to add another sentence, "Bai Qinghao, as long as you stay the same, I won't change."

He was really murderous just now.

As long as she dares to say and then change back, then, he will kill her now, and he will be stronger than he will be cold and angry in the future.

When she added something, an unnoticeable smile appeared on the corner of his lips, because he would never change his heart.

So, she meant the same for her?

His mood improved a lot in an instant, and he still deliberately emphasized, "Remember what you said!"

The big palms that stroked her hair turned into her shoulders, and sighed her into his arms.

For the first time, he discovered that she was not threatened by him. Did he take him?

Or are you really not afraid of death?

His little woman still has a little temper.

She raised her small face and fixedly stared at his handsome face. She still didn't say anything to him, "Remember, remember, let's go."