Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 134

Chapter 134: Misunderstanding Of The Master Bedroom

This man, being beaten by her, he felt sorry for her hand.

How could she not cherish him?

She spoke a little uncomfortably, "Bai Qinghao...before, I was so wrong to you."

He built a fortress high and thick, but suddenly collapsed because of her words, and his heart was sad and moved.

Turning over, he pressed her under him, eyes as deep as the vast universe concentrating on her from top to bottom, his voice low and affectionate, full of pity, "To me, you never need to apologize! You just need to stay here. By my side, no betrayal, no injury, no leave, no escape!"

Obediently, let him pet her forever.

The last sentence, he who was never good at talking about love, did not say it.

Fang Xinxin's calm and watery heart lake, like ripples that were wrinkled by the wind, rippled with waves of moving, imprinting him into the deepest part of his heart, "Bai Qinghao..."

"Don't talk..." As if afraid of her rejection, he pointed to her soft lips, his thin lips kissed her beautiful soft lips, and his tongue rushed into her mouth domineeringly, and her lilac house Intertwined and entangled with each other.

His kiss is domineering and brutal.

Maybe it's because of lack of experience, without a bit of tactics, only knowing to take it hard.

She could feel the strength he had deliberately let go, and felt his full cherishment.

Raising her arms, she looped his neck, chasing a small hand into his short hair.

Her initiative surprised him and surprised him.

With great willpower, he kissed her for a full ten minutes before stopping the urge to continue kissing her, and commanded brutally, "From now on, don't pretend to sleep to escape me!"

She blinked her watery eyes, so she didn't know why, "Huh?"

"Before in the master bedroom of the Royal Court, the time I took you back to the room, you deliberately pretended to be asleep and escaped from me." He reminded with a grim face.

She remembered, "You said that time, how could I pretend to be asleep on purpose?"

"Why not?" He turned dark. "You obviously didn't fall asleep at the time."

"Didnt you just kiss me for the first time? I was carried back to the room by you. How shy I was when so many servants saw you holding me. After entering the master bedroom of the Royal Court, they just closed shyly. Keep your eyes open, waiting for you... I dont know what you were mad, and suddenly left with a cold face. Then, I was too sleepy and fell asleep." After that, she suddenly said, "No wonder you are always yin and yang afterwards. Yes, I thought I was hiding from you again...Hahaha, Bai Qinghao, how about your understanding?"

Was it eaten by a dog?

Don't dare to spit it out

Too much, if you anger the commander, but you will eat the top.

Bai Qinghao was stunned. It turned out that she was waiting for him with her eyes closed. He thought she didn't want to see him, so he left sulkingly.

He damnably misunderstood her!

Suddenly, he felt that he was at ease on the battlefield when he charged and ordered the army.

Emotionally, she was completely inexperienced, and she didn't even realize what she really meant.

No wonder she laughed at him.

He stared at her threateningly with a big grin, "Everyone who dared to laugh at me, all have seen the king go. Say, how should I punish you?"

Although the threat is full. She didn't feel that he was half angry, "Uh..." She bit her lip, "Fine me a dollar?"

"I want to be beautiful." He bit her Xiuting nose, "You said just now, waiting for me in the master bedroom of the Royal Court...Why are you waiting for me? Is it waiting for me to take the initiative to drill your bed?" Sensuous The male voice is seductive and sultry.