Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 138

Chapter 138: The Utility Room Where Xinxin Lives 1

"In..." Long Shuhai was about to answer.

Fang Lilan glared at him, her eyes clearly said, dare to admit that it is a utility room, and think that the commander's line is not enough?

Long Shuhai closed his mouth wittily.

"It's a utility room, but it's actually just a room on the first floor. The environment is still very elegant. Since the commander, you want to see, then come with me..." Fang Lilan made a please gesture and moved towards the stairs. The corridor took the lead.

She stopped at the end of the corridor, and she had to go in front of a door a few meters around the corner.

Bai Qinghao followed Fang Xinxin together.

Fang Xinxin saw that the door of the room was wrong.

The brand-new high-end security door is obviously just replaced.

It must have changed a lot inside.

Fang Lilan pointed to the door and said, "Commander, look, this fan door is a brand-name door that cost more than 10,000 yuan to install. The doors of the other rooms on the side are not so expensive. Don't pay attention to it. Xinxins privacy, my daughter, the door is more expensive."

"Who lives in the other rooms?" Bai Qinghao asked in a deep voice.

"Yes..." Fang Lilan couldn't hide it either. "It's the Fang family servant who lives."

Bai Qinghao's face turned black and blue, and there was almost a murderous flame in his eyes, "You let my fiancee live in the servants' area?"

"I..." Fang Lilan couldn't think of a good excuse for a while, and Man Xue hurriedly interjected, "Commander, you have misunderstood your mother. My mother always loves the third sister more than me. It is the third sister who is too fat, and she doesn't bother to climb the stairs. The Fang family again Its not like the elevator is installed in the villa. The third sister asked to live in the maid area on the first floor."

Fang Xinxin sneered, "Really?"

"Of course you don't admit it now." Fang Manxue said with red eyes, "Sanmei, I know, your academic performance is too poor, you are jealous that I am a top student in school. Because my mother criticized your grades, you Just breathe with my mother..."

"I want to see Fang Xinxin's previous bedroom for seven years. It has nothing to do with Fang Xinxin!" Bai Qinghao was upset that Fang Manxue pulled everything on Xinxin's head.

"I'm jealous of your good grades?" Fang Xin admired Fang Manxue's idiot's eyes, "Don't wrong me with unwarranted charges. There are more than 20 days left before the mid-term entrance examination. Our betting appointments for the senior middle school entrance examination will be clear!"

Liu Li had heard of Fang Xinxin's gambling agreement with Fang Manxue.

This fat girl really got water in her head, she went to compare her exam results with her second sister Xueba, she was hitting a rock with an egg!

At that time, he would have to see how Fang Feifei was ashamed.

Fang Lilan quickly opened the anti-theft door, revealing a room about ten square feet inside.

The windows of the room are only half the size of ordinary windows, but the decoration is really elegant, with light yellow wallpaper and white curtains. Although the bed does not look high-end, it is also a 1.5-meter solid wood bed with a wardrobe of the same color.

There is also a dressing table, a single sofa, and a full-length mirror.

Visually, it is indeed a place that is not uncomfortable to live in.

Fang Xinxin curled the corners of her lips. Originally, the wall of the utility room she lived in was moldy. The wall covering fell off piece by piece. The paint on the window frames had long been mottled, and there was no wallpaper in the room, let alone such so-called so-called. Furniture.

The only piece of furniture is her big box.

The curtains are all pasted with newspaper by herself.

This room was obviously decorated overnight.


The lacquer and furniture used are still high-end odorless ones.