Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 140

Chapter 140: Fried Rice

Before, when Fang Manxue saw Fang Xinxin's broken cell phone, she would definitely laugh at her, a poor man!

Because of Fang Xinxins poor board and lodging issues, the Fang family lost a project worth 500 million yuan, and Bai Qinghao Ming ordered him not to support the Fang family in the future.

The loss is not ordinary heavy!

Not only did everyone in the Fang family dare not laugh at Fang Xinxin's shabby things, they had to get her new things.

I was so angry that the whole family hurts.

When Fang Lilan saw Fang Xinxin said that she wanted Bai Qinghao to watch the video, she knew it would be bad.

Dare to love this fat **** and photographed the old utility room!

Fang Lilan stretched out her hand to grab Fang Xinxin's mobile phone. How did she know that Liu Li held her clothes behind her neck, and picked it up like a chicken. "Do you dare to grab something the commander wants to see?"

At a young age, how can Fang Lilan, the chairman of the Fang Group, who has always been awe-inspiring, have been carried like this?

She lifted her feet off the ground and kept her hands fluttering in the air, yelling in fright, "Hurry, let me down!"

Without the commander's order, Liu Li would pay no attention.

Fang Manxue also wanted to grab Fang Xinxin's mobile phone. Luckily, she was blocked by Li Bingpan's hand.

Seeing his mother so embarrassed and being carried, knowing that Li Bingpan had been merciful, he couldn't help but cast a grateful look at him.

Li Bingpan was expressionless, as if he hadn't seen it.

Long Shuhai was fortunate, but fortunately he was not impulsive.

Since Fang Xinxin took out her mobile phone in front of Bai Qinghao, even if she rushed to destroy it, it would only anger Bai Qinghao even more.

Bai Qinghao took Fang Xinxins mobile phone and looked through the video. In the video, he saw mold on the wall in the utility room, water seepage, wet ground, no furniture, just a box, and the window frames were mottled...

It's not a place where people live at all!

His already rigid face is darker than the bottom of the pot.

Looking down on another video, Fang Xinxin was eating instant noodles, and instant noodle buckets piled up in the corner.

She drove the video recording. She probably put the phone in her pocket. The camera angle was much lower, and she could still understand the whole thing clearly.

In the video, Fang Xinxin walked to the restaurant, and Lilan, Long Shuhai, and Fang Manxue were having a big meal above the table.

Just listen to Fang Xinxin saying, "Mom, second uncle, second sister, shall I also eat with you?"

"Didnt I give you 20 barrels of instant noodles today? Not enough for you? Tomorrow I will give you 20 deep-fried frozen chicken drumsticks, and you will finish. Eat fried bread the day after tomorrow, and fried rice the day after tomorrow..." The voice is Fang Man Xue's.

"You don't need to fried chicken legs fresh, you always buy frozen cheap meat, rice must be fried, and everything is fried..." Fang Xinxin's voice seemed dissatisfied, "You give me this every day, I will get fat and get sick. of"

"What's wrong with being fat?" Fang Manxue comforted, "Being fat is blessed. The fatter you are, the more Bai Qinghao hates you."

"No, I listen to your second sister." Fang Lilan also said, "The family is all for your own good. Don't be capricious."


Bai Qinghao looked through many videos, and Fang Xinxin asked to eat with Fang's family, but they were all blocked by Fang's family for various reasons.

The year the video was taken is several years old.

He was so angry that there was smoke above his head, and his voice was as cold as an arrow of ice, "This is what you said, Fang Xinxin eats the same thing as you?"

Fang Lilan was carried by Liu Li and hung in the air. Seeing the commander's horrifying eyes with murderous anger, her limbs were so frightened that she did not dare to struggle.

In front of such a video, Long Shuhai, who has always been cunning, didn't know how to explain, and was so anxious that he sweated.

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