Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 141

Chapter 141: Little Tripe Chicken Intestine

Fang Manxue stared at Bai Qinghao with jealousy and then naturally took Fang Xinxin's old phone to watch the video. It was obvious that Fang Xinxin's phone was dirty and old, but he didn't mean to dislike it at all.

When he was in the Royal Court, she let him watch the video recorded on her mobile phone where Fang Xinxin confessed to Bai Chenxi.

As a result, before he picked up her cell phone, he actually asked Liu Li to wipe her cell phone with a white handkerchief, as if her cell phone was poisonous.

This differential treatment...

She was so angry that she almost broke her teeth.

Can't wait to bite Fang Xinxin into lumps of minced meat!

Sooner or later, she will definitely let Bai Qinghao hold her in her palm, and must let him know that her Fang Manxue is a woman worthy of his cherishment!

His complexion turned blue and white, ugly staggered. Fang Manxue knew how ugly the jealous woman was, and took a deep breath. She calmed her emotions and shot at Fang Xinxin with accusing eyes, "Fang Xinxin, since you always have such videos, why did we let you move? In the guest room on the second floor, your living room is arranged in the guest room. Why didnt you take out the video at that time?" He said to Bai Qinghao with a steady tone, "Commander, Fang Xinxin can clearly take out the video earlier, it wont With these things, she only took it now, which is clearly intended to provoke the relationship between you and the Fang family, making you even more dissatisfied with the other family."

Fang Lilan looked at Man Xue unexpectedly, acting calmly and acting as a challenger.

This is not to face ordinary people, to be able to maintain such a calm head in front of Bai Qinghao, even Long Shuhai admires Man Xue...and proud.

"Commander, you have always been fair and stern, and you can be aware of it." Fang Manxue said with a sad look, "For the Fang family's food and lodging for Xinxin... it is a problem that you have already punished before. I have already been punished, and it makes no sense to anger the Fang family again for this. As a result, Fang Xinxin was punished by Fang Xinxin to sow discord."

Li Bingpan originally wanted to help Fang Manxue speak, but thinking of this, it is better not to come forward, so as not to cause the commander to suspect that he has anything to do with the Fang family.

"Yeah, Commander. Xinxin is a ignorant child. He has a small belly and chicken intestines. He is holding on to little things." Long Shuhai demoted Fang Xinxin while slapped Bai Qinghao. "You can't lose you because of her. tolerance."

Bai Qinghao's face was as cold as the frost of the twelfth lunar month, and the faint hostility radiated from his whole body, making everyone tremble involuntarily with horror.

He was angry that his fiance was targeted and treated harshly by the whole family in Fang's house.

And in the entire Fang family, there was no one to help her speak!

Fang Manxue and others thought that Bai Qinghao had listened to her, and Fang Xinxin was angry at the life. They accused Fang Xinxin of coming and spared no effort. "Sister, my mother is usually busy. The second sister taught you. Yes, you have to be generous. If the food and lodging is not bad, forget it. The Fang family has lost all the support of the Bai family. Isnt this **** lesson severe enough? Do you have to take you down on this little thing? Sister, your second uncle, and your biological mother, all killed one by one, are you happy!"

Long Shuhai felt sorry for Lilan being pinched in the air. He saw Fang Xinxin take out the video and smashed his own foot. The temporary victory made him dare to walk next to Liu Li and break Liu Li one by one. The fingers of Fang Lilan released Fang Lilan.