Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 143

Chapter 143:

Even Li Bingpan, who was standing by the side, had no expression on his face, couldn't help feeling a little pity.

Liu Li felt that Fang Xinxin, an ugly and fat woman, was a bit pitiful. The family of Fang's family had relied on her marriage with the commander for so many years, and he didn't know how much cheaper he got from the commander.

As a result, the white-eyed wolves of the Fang family didn't thank Fang Xinxin for not saying, they were all so hostile to her.

"Ask me why?" Bai Qinghao's stern face showed sarcasm, but Fang Manxue's pitiful expression did not show a hint of pity, and Sen's anger would explode at any time. "You all blamed each and every one. Fang Xinxin has a small belly and chicken intestines, is petty, selfish, and hysterically about to kill her relatives. Why don't you listen to what she says?

Fang Xinxin saw that Bai Qinghao was helping herself, and her heart was bluntly wounded by her close relatives. She instantly recovered a lot like chicken blood. Now she is not a target who will stand and be hit, "Fang Manxue, you are not Ask me why didn't I get the video out early?"

It was indeed for Bai Qinghao to continue to punish the hypocritical villains of the Fang family.

On the face of it, she would not admit it.

Arent Fang Manxue and Fang Lilan the best moral bitch? Learn from them, "When you asked me to move to the guest room, I didnt show the video because I care about you Sister Sister too much..." Turning my eyes to Fang Lilan, "You have mother. You are going to erase me and live. The seven-year-old sundries room, wipe it out. But you have to pretend to be good to me. The cosmetics and clothes you bought for me are cheap garbage. After all, you have treated me harshly for many years, and the commander is dissatisfied. The Fang familys support is also right. Originally... I never planned to take out this video because I wanted to bury these videos because of my familys affection. But the commander wanted to see what kind of utility room I lived in before. ? I just show him a look."

Sighed and continued, "Just like what the second sister said, the commander has already been punished because of Fang's room and board. If he is punished again, I will definitely stop it. Since the video comes out, it won't What are the consequences, the commander wants to see, it's harmless, so why not?"

With a sad expression on her face, she looked at Long Shuhai, Fang Lilan, and Fang Manxue in disbelief, "I don't know you all... because of an innocuous little thing, I even accused me of being small and selfish... So many abominable behaviors! Ask yourself, Bai Qinghao, for so many years, because of my fiancee, how many projects and benefits have been given to the Fang family? Lets not talk about anything else, the gifts that the Bai family brought to you during the holidays Its worth a lot. Has half a share of all the benefits in my handsno! The Bai family directed Fang Xinxin at me, and I didnt take any of the benefits given to the Fang family. You even treated me harshly for board and lodging. I haven't let go of the fart. It's because I care about you too much, you are better, and you wronged me and forced my dearest to die!"

Fang Lilan, Man Xue and Long Shuhai became more alarmed as they listened.

Upon hearing this, Liu Li and other guards despised Fang's family. It seems that the respectable Chairman Fang is so greedy!

"Okay, Xinxin, stop talking..." Fang Lilan's heart was so frightened that she missed a beat, her face turned pale with ugliness, and then she told Fang Xinxin that Bai Qinghao wouldn't kill the Fang family?