Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 144

Chapter 144:

Bai Qinghao was inexhaustible and shouted sternly, "You dogs, it is clear that Fang Xinxin has suffered so many years in Fang's house. You decorated the utility room overnight to blame her for eating well and living well. The false accuser was exposed, and Fang Xinxin slapped her face! If you dont falsely accuse her, can you do so much? You cant live by yourself! All the benefits the Bai family has given to the Fang family over the years are for Fang Xinxin, yes What's the matter with you? You didn't give her anything, you vomited it all out to me!"

"Ah!" Fang Lilan yelled heartily, "Commander, I..."

Fang Manxue's face was as white as a wall.

Now its not about resuming Bai Qinghaos continued support to the Fang family, but about vomiting for so many years the income of the Bai family...

Fang Manxue, Lilan, and Long Shuhai are all used to it, and don't know how much money they squandered.

The benefits given by the Bai family are counted in the number of billions. Where can I get the money back?

It is impossible to pay back if you have money!

The cold sweat on Long Shuhai's forehead kept coming.

All reported the idea of never repaying the money.

"Xinxin, are you helping to speak?" Fang Lilan was about to pull Fang Xinxin's hand. "You just said that if the commander punishes Fang for your boarding and lodging problems at Fang's house, you will help."

Fang Xinxin waved Fang Lilan's hand away, "Originally, I wanted to help. You all scolded me for being petty and selfish. You even wanted to cancel my marriage with Bai Qinghao, which made me completely give up on you. I and you, no The slightest bit of family affection, Bai Qinghao asked you to spit out the benefits of the Bai family, you should."

"Fang Xinxin, if you have agreed not to let Bai Qinghao continue to punish the Fang family for this, how can you say nothing!" Fang Manxue screamed.

"Okay, then I will count." Fang Xinxin said calmly to Bai Qinghao, "Commander, don't you punish the Fang family? But it's one thing to plead with me. You never sell anyone's face, just as you mean. Just do it."

"You..." Man Xue became angry. What's the difference between being a fat idiot and not interceding.

Bai Qinghao understands that Fang Xinxin does not want him to continue to be the umbrella of the Fang family, nor does it want the Bai family to suffer.

He doesn't care about the benefits to the Fang family.

But these white-eyed wolves of the Fang family are not worthy of enjoying the favor of the Bai family, and they are not thrown to beggars!

His icy voice gave an order to Liu Li, "Immediately notify the accountant of Shengshi Group to calculate how much the Fang family has gained from the Baijia project over the years, so that Fang Lilan can vomit it out. Fangs gifts dont need to be counted."

As far as he knew, before Fang's father Long Yifan became a vegetable, Fang Xinxin had always loved him very much.

In addition, Fang Xinxin also has a foster brother, Fang Shaohua, who took care of him before he went to jail.

Those two people also have a share for those festivals. It's not convenient to count it, so it's cheaper than Fang Lilan's bitch.

Before the accident, both Long Yifan and Fang Shaohua had come to him, asking him not to continue to support the Fang Group, saying that it was the project funds given to Fang by the Shengshi Group, and all went into Fang Lilan's hands.

Fang Lilan regretted going to decorate the utility room and wanted to bite Fang Xinxin to eat and live well. As a result... it turned out that she was going to vomit the project funds of the Bai family for so many years!

Fang Manxue didn't expect that things would turn into the current situation, and his intestines were blue with regret.

Long Shuhai complained a little bit about Fang Lilan. He originally did not agree to continue decorating the utility room to expand Fang Xinxin's food and accommodation problems.