Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 148

Chapter 148: Bai Qinghao Stingy 2

They also said that they are not taking the Bai family's advantage for nothing, and will pay back when the Fang Group makes more money.

As a result, when she died, the Fang family had not paid Bai Qinghao a dime, and had no intention of paying back!

These blood-sucking worms have sucked Bai Qinghao's one billion yuan now. If we don't stop them, I really don't know how much she will be sucked away by them after marrying Bai Qinghao?

It is even more unimaginable, before her marriage and even before her death in her previous life, how many monstrous benefits they took from Bai Qinghao?

She had asked Bai Qinghao in her previous life, did she give a lot of money to the Fang family?

Bai Qinghao just told her indifferently, for her sake, he missed a point in his fingers and gave it to Fang's family.

I missed something in my fingers, and the money was so much that it could kill people. No wonder the second sister tried every means to grab Bai Qinghao...

"Miss Fang San needn't be surprised." said Zhang Yuanzhi, the host accountant of Shengshi Group. "The commander originally approved another 500 million project contract for Fang's Group. For some reason, it was suspended. The five hundred million dollars, It hasn't been marked out yet."

Fang Lilan, Man Xue, and Long Shuhai in the living room heard the five hundred million, and they were so angry that they almost entered their pockets!

Fang Xinxin was a **** who stopped her.


Five hundred million, so much money, the three of them don't have much trouble.

Fang Xinxin caught the point in Zhang Yuanzhi's words, "So much money is directly allocated to the Fang family? Isn't it a project cooperation?"

Zhang Yuanzhi explained, "Speaking of project cooperation, its just using a project under construction by Shengshi Group, and signing a profit contract with Fangshi Group. Fangshi Group does not need any investment or any effort. Once the Shengshi Groups project is over, the Fang Group can directly receive the money."

"What!" Fang Xinxin slapped the dining table in surprise and stood up, "What project funding is that called? Isn't it that Bai Qinghao simply gave the Fang family money?"

"That's it." Zhang Yuanzhi added, "Externally speaking, it is project funding. The reputation sounds better than Fang Jia's free money from Bai Jia."

Fang Xinxin became weak with anger. How stupid she was in her last life? "How much did Bai Qinghao give the Fang family the least?"

Zhang Yuanzhi just looked at the information and didn't need to turn over the contract. He knew the numbers. Although she didn't know why she asked, she still answered, "30 million RMB."

Fang Xinxin stared at Fang Lilan and the other three in the living room angrily, gritted his teeth and said, "Good! Didn't you say that Bai Qinghao is very stingy, and only gives you tens of thousands of dollars at a time? Say you add up to total Bai Qinghao. Less than a million?"

When Bai Qinghao heard the words, his stern expression flashed over the dark birds.

With a gesture, the guards knowingly detained Fang Lilan, Fang Manxue, and Long Shuhai.

Bai Qinghao sits at the dining table, his slender fingers tapping the table gently in rhythm, his voice is dangerous, "I'm stingy, I will give you tens of thousands of dollars at a time?"

Fang Xinxin asked the same question, and Fang Lilan and others were not afraid.

I've been used to this soft persimmon for a long time. Isn't she good if she doesn't pinch to death? Even if afraid of her.

From Bai Qinghao's mouth, Fang Lilan and the others immediately shook their legs.

"Commander... Commander, I, I shouldn't have said that!" Fang Lilan whispered, "I just made a joke with Xinxin..."

As he said, he glanced at Fang Xinxin displeasedly, "You girl, why don't you think so much, the commander smokes a box of cigars that cost tens of thousands of dollars. How can he be such a generous person to fund Fang once? Tens of thousands?"