Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 161

Chapter 161: Bleeding The Second Uncle 3

He thought that the five-piece boutique Fang Xinxin was talking about was an imitation that he had colluded with the clerk surnamed Wang and put it here!

Long Shuhai angrily pointed to the imitation paper bag in Fang Xinxin's hand, "I thought it was the five-piece boutique."

The cashier and some of the shop assistants were not happy anymore. One of the shop managers said, "Sir, your third niece is obviously asking you if you want to buy the five-piece boutique in our store. The shopping bag she carries is not our store. of."

Fang Xinxin also helped, "Yes, second uncle, what I asked about was the boutique of this famous Italian brand."

I took out the imitation goods in the paper bag one by one, "The five imitation goods in my pocket are obviously low-end imitation goods in the secondary market. How can they be fine?"

Long Shuhai instantly understood that this idiot had seen through the imitation goods a long time ago and was still calm. Fang Xinxin deliberately ordered him, so he bought such an expensive boutique!

"Fang Xinxin, how can you turn your elbows out!" He yelled angrily, "Do you know what the astronomical figure of three million RMB is? Just buy five clothes, that's not enough!"

"What's wrong?" Fang Xinxin asked innocently, "Didn't you get a ticket in every store, saying that more than one million pieces of clothes are not expensive, so you can just buy them?"

I want to be an old bitch, and I want to set up an archway. Is it so easy?

"I..." Long Shuhai didn't really want to buy her such expensive clothes at all, but just filled his mouth with guns. "Anyway, these three million clothes don't need to be returned or returned!"

The shop manager is not happy, "I'm sorry, sir. The clothes sold in this shop are not subject to quality problems and will not be returned."

Long Shuhai glared at Fang Xinxin angrily, and said to the store manager, "I said, I didn't want to buy clothes in your store because she was cheated!"

"She didn't lie to you at all." the shop manager said, "sir, I asked you beforehand."

"That's right." Fang Xinxin nodded, "Second Uncle, you agree with me."

Fang Manxue, who was watching clothes with another shopping guide clerk, saw the dispute on the counter side and hurried over, "What happened?"

The store manager said the matter briefly.

Fang Manxue knew that his second uncle had been fooled by Fang Xinxin, and was deceived of getting three million dollars. She said depressedly, "Second Uncle, you paid three million dollars without even looking at it!"

Long Shuhai didn't fight, "It's not that Fang Xinxin misled me!"

Fang Xinxin is innocent, "What am I misleading you? You took the initiative to pay the bill, and I asked you beforehand. You are saying, since you don't want to pay, what are you going to the counter to settle?"

"Not really." The shop manager said quickly, "It's still this fat... lady who understands things."

Long Shuhai was so angry and **** that he was about to vomit. Now that it happened, he simply admitted, "I came here to settle an account of 200 yuan." Pointing to one of the clerk surnamed Wang, "I told you She said, my imitation goods... the shopping bag that contains the clothes of another store, put it on you, and give the Wang clerk 200 yuan for the benefit."

The manager and several other shop assistants listened and immediately knew what was going on.

However, you have eaten the fat in your mouth, the three million big single, it is difficult to touch, how can it be vomited?

The store manager said, "If you put the clothes you bought in another store in our store, how come our store will charge you a favor? Our store clerk has also confiscated your 200 yuan."

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