Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 162

Chapter 162: Bleeding The Second Uncle 4

The clerk surnamed Wang gave a wink, and the clerk surnamed Wang immediately said knowingly, "Sir, please ask me to keep the shopping bags you bought elsewhere. I will keep them for you and give them to your third niece, but, It is purely a kind help. Although you must give me 200 yuan for storage fees, I really don't charge it. You just give it to me, and I won't want it."

If he did not swipe the three million card, she would charge a two hundred storage fee.

Now the situation is different. Since he bought a large order, the clothing clerk will receive a commission of 5% to 3 million for the shopping guide, and only 150,000 yuan for the purchase.

Todays big order, depending on the situation, is for everyone to enjoy.

When such a large transaction is completed, the boss will not only give a commission, but also a lot of rewards.

Who wants that two hundred yuan?

Long Shuhai stared at the shop assistant surnamed Wang, "You..."

It seems that this woman will not prove that he was cheated of three million.

Fang Xinxin asked ignorantly, "What two hundred yuan?"

The clerk surnamed Wang explained it kindly this time, "Miss Fang San, your second uncle said that you adore vanity and are stupid. He said that you are not worthy of wearing designer clothes. He deliberately bought inferior fakes from other places. , I brought you to our store, and brought you over to get the "boutique", I want you to mistakenly think that the low-end imitation goods he bought were bought by our store. Fortunately, you can see through the imitation goods at a glance and they are still in our store. Bought the real one. I think it is him who is stupid, not you."

Since the clerk surnamed Wang could be bought by Long Shuhai, he naturally knew each other.

Fang Xinxin pretended to be angry this time, "Second Uncle, it turns out that you don't want to buy me big international brands at all! Wouldn't your conscience hurt if you played this kind of trick on my third niece!"

Long Shuhai was exposed to the conspiracy, his face was embarrassing, "I..."

"Any kind of uncle and nephew is a lie." Fang Xinxin said with a disappointed expression, "Fortunately, I made a mistake, and I really bought the boutique in this store, otherwise I was cheated to death by you? "

"Xinxin, listen to my explanation..."

"What can I explain!" Fang Xinxin snorted coldly, "I'm worthless in your heart."

Long Shuhai was particularly angry, "I won't tell you this now. You immediately tell the store manager that you don't really want to buy the clothes from this store, and the three million clothes are returned!"

"I really want to buy it." Fang Xinxin shrugged, "Second Uncle, you are a bit masculine. Just buy it."

The shop manager also said, "I want to buy clothes. Sir, I do what you do. I want to return if I buy them. Who would dare to open a shop? What's more, even if your third niece proves to you that he bought it by mistake. Yes. Again, before you check out, she clearly stated that she bought the boutique in this store, which is'our store', not elsewhere, and is very expensive. You lose the password for swiping the card, and you sign the word. You are in a lawsuit Can't return the goods."

Long Shuhai was angry when he mentioned this.

If it wasn't for her guilty conscience, she was afraid that Fang Xinxin saw that she had swiped a two hundred yuan card and prevented her from reading it, and she would not have paid three million yuan without even looking at it!

This is almost all his wealth.

After three years in Fang's family, the previous dividends and high wages were all used up, and a lot of money was spent on Manxue.

In addition, he has only a few hundred thousand yuan left, which may be used by ordinary people for a few years. If he is used to living a luxurious life, his clothes are from top to toe, and he drinks high-end wine. I entered a high-end restaurant...