Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 165

Chapter 165:

"Don't disturb people doing business." Fang Xinxin ignored her and stepped out of the store.

Long Shuhai was gone, and asked Man Xue, "Did you, would you ask the clerk to change you a style with the same price?"

"I said that there is nothing in this store that I like!" If it weren't for so many outsiders, Fang Manxue could not help but yell, gritted his teeth and said, "I'm full of anger. Wanwen Bai Qinghao took it back twice!"

When several shop assistants and shop managers heard her, they all envied her.

"Commander White's fiance is different." The store manager boasted, "You can get twice as much as you spend three million. Commander White really likes you."

"Of course." Fang Manxue raised his chin proudly.

She just likes to be praised, she likes to be superior.

When Long Shuhai left the store, he called Shengshi Group.

Fang Manxue quickly followed the past to listen to the situation.

"Welcome to visit next time!" The shop manager led a row of shop assistants and bowed to the two.

"Hmph, when I marry Bai Qinghao, I will buy one hundred pediatrics in stores like you." Fang Manxue coldly snorted. It's like now, after spending three million, it hurts to death.

Although the second uncle paid the money, it was the same as hers, there was no difference.

"Yes, yes." The store manager nodded quickly.

Who dares to compete with Commander Bai's fianc? I can only lose my smile.

At the corner of the store, Long Shu hung up the phone angrily, and complained to Man Xue who followed him, "The people of Shengshi Group are really inferior. I called them to transfer to Bai Qinghao, they actually said Im an irrelevant person, and Im not qualified to ask them to transfer. In the past, as long as I had something to ask the commander, they would help."

Fang Manxue said directly, "Second Uncle, I have Bai Qinghao's phone number, or you can call him directly?"

"There are very few people who know his mobile phone number." Long Shuhai hesitated, "I called this way. If Commander Bai is unhappy, it is easy to find out the phone number you disclosed."

"Just say that Fang Xinxin asked you to call her."

"good idea."

Long Shuhai dialed out Bai Qinghao's mobile phone number anxiously, and it rang a dozen times before being picked up by the other party.

Before he spoke, the other party said directly, "What do you want to say?"

Long Shuhai's heartbeat was immediately frightened and missed a beat. Asking this would give him an illusion that the other party seemed to know what he was going to say?

The phone was connected, and he had no choice but to bite the bullet and said, "Commander, this is Long Shuhai, Xinxin's second uncle. This afternoon, I brought Xinxin and Manxue to buy clothes in Guangtai. Xinxin is very happy, I I bought her a five-piece boutique for three million. Its a trifle to spend some money on my third niece, Im willing, and dont care about it..."

He said a long list, but Bai Qinghao didn't reply a word.

Long Shuhai's guilty conscience grew more and more, and his voice disappeared as if he had eaten it.

If Bai Qinghao's magnanimousness were followed, it would definitely be doubled or even tenfolded back to him. Why don't you mean to give money?

"The garbage you bought, keep it for yourself."

Bai Qinghao Senhan said in his voice and hung up the phone.

Long Shuhai stared at the phone for several seconds, his face was even uglier than crying, "My three million yuan has drifted!"

"Commander Bai is not reimbursed?" Fang Manxue couldn't believe it.

"He said the garbage I bought was kept for himself to wear." Long Shuhai wanted to cry without tears, "The commander didn't mean to reimburse me at all. I was mad at me. That idiot waste Fang Xinxin, wasting so much money!"